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Madhav Ahuja is a highly motivated PhD researcher at Nottingham Law School. His expertise lies in Sports Law and Human Rights Law. He brings a unique perspective to the complexities surrounding sports and their legal frameworks, demonstrating a fervent passion for transforming challenges into valuable opportunities.

Madhav embarked on his academic journey with a bachelor's degree in law from Amity Law School Delhi, IP University, Delhi. During his undergraduate studies, he gained profound insights into sports law. His dissertation focused on the "Regulation and Management of Professional Sports Leagues in India".

Building upon his interests, he pursued an LLM in Sports Law at Nottingham Trent University. His independent research during this period spanned various areas of sports law, encompassing human rights, intellectual property rights, and European sports policy. His dissertation focused on the "Comparative Analysis of Match Fixing and Other Corrupt Practices in India and the United Kingdom".

Currently, Madhav is pursuing a PhD in Law, researching the topic "Institutional Racism in Cricket: A Legal Analysis" under the guidance of esteemed supervisors Dr Seema Patel, Simon Boyes, and Thomas Lewis. With their invaluable mentorship and expertise in the field, Madhav is determined to provide valuable insights into this pressing issue and its potential legal ramifications.

"My research focuses on "Institutional Racism in Cricket: A Legal Analysis". The research aims to conduct a legal investigation into the regulation of institutional racism in cricket. The purpose is to systematically examine the authority of the law in cases of discrimination. The inquiry scrutinises the dispute resolution and regulatory structure of cricket governing bodies at the national and international levels, along with the legal framework in the UK, India, and Australia."

Madhav's commitment extends beyond personal growth, as he believes in creating a supportive academic environment to effect meaningful change in society. Following the anticipated submission of his thesis, he aspires to leverage his expertise and contribute further to the field of law through a fulfilling career in academia.


AHUJA M. (2021). WADA And Human Rights: Examining the Discriminatory Effects of the Anti-Doping Policies of WADA. IJLLR, III (1), 1903-1917

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