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Yazdan Kargaran


Simply saying, I love NTU for the vital role it has played in my journey.

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Why did you choose NTU and Nottingham Law School?

I chose Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and Nottingham Law School (NLS) because of their well-established reputations and strong employment prospects after graduation. In addition, the supportive family atmosphere and dedicated student support enrich the university experience and promote personal and professional development.

Why did you choose postgraduate study at NTU?

I decided to study for a postgraduate degree at NTU because of its commitment to academic excellence, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge in my chosen field. In addition, the opportunity to continue to be part of NTU's supportive community, where every student is looked after, made the decision easy.

What inspired you to study law?

Living under a dictatorial regime where justice was a daily struggle, combined with my experience as a refugee, inspired me to study law. This path has helped me understand how to defend our interests and those of others to foster a safer and fairer world.

What do you enjoy about your course?

What I really enjoy about my course is the practical understanding of rules that can have a direct impact on the lives of others. I appreciate the approach of the lecturers, who use real-world examples to broaden our global perspective. In addition, the inclusive environment that encourages everyone to share their ideas on justice-related issues is incredibly engaging. Most importantly, the course effectively balances theory and practice, preparing us for the practice of law in the real world.

What marks out of 10 would you give for course facilities and why?

I would give the course facilities a top mark of 10. Everything I needed for my studies was easily accessible, and it’s clear that NTU does everything in its power to ensure we achieve our goals. The support and resources provided make the learning journey without confusion.

How would you promote NTU to potential students in 10 words or fewer?

Quality education, supportive community and excellent facilities for future success.

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?

Historical, vibrant and welcoming.

Where would you recommend visiting in Nottingham?

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: An impressive Tudor building set in extensive parkland, ideal for a relaxing walk, where you can observe a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. The Hall also houses a fascinating natural history museum.

If you have a (non-academic) problem who would you talk to? What would you do?

For non-academic matters, my first point of contact is usually my wife, who is always there for me. In addition, I've met a wonderful friend at NTU who I can turn to when I need advice or someone to talk to.

What do you think Nottingham Law School has given you above and beyond a qualification?

Beyond the qualification, Nottingham Law School provided me with invaluable skills and confidence that enabled me to secure a position with a reputable organisation. The understanding I have gained of the law and its societal impact is profound and has broadened my perspective. On a personal level, this experience has helped me to develop key skills, such as time management, which I believe are essential for success in any professional environment.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to share?

Education has been my bridge to success, especially considering all the life challenges I've faced. NTU's unwavering support, combined with my personal determination, has made my achievements a reality. I am particularly grateful to my lecturers, who have constantly encouraged and motivated me. Simply saying, I love NTU for the vital role it has played in my journey.

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