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Zuzana Kucerkova
A friendly university with lots of opportunities.

More about Zuzana

Why did you choose to study Law?

I chose to study International Law because it is a challenging degree that develops key skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. It is a well recognised degree that offers lots of employability opportunities in law and other industries. I have always enjoyed humanties, reading and writing and so this degree seemed like the perfect idea. I liked the idea of learning about law from different jurisidictions and believed it would make me stand out from other law students.

How would you promote NTU to potential students in 10 words or fewer?

A friendly university with lots of opportunities.

Where would you recommend visiting in Nottingham?

I would recommend visiting the National Justice Museum and the Nottingham Contemporary. I have also heard that Wollaton Hall is really interesting and a great place for a walk.

Where is a good place to live as a student?

I think living in a flat with other students is a good idea, so university or private halls especially in first year when you are looking to make friends. For private halls I would recommend Liberty Living. I think living in a studio can get a bit lonely.

Did you find it easy to make friends at NTU?

I did find it easy to make friends at NTU, in the first term of first year everyone is eager to make friends and there are lots of Freshers events at the start of uni. I also joined societies to meet like-minded people which has been great.

If you had a (non-academic) problem. Who would you talk to? What would you do?

There is Student and Pastoral Support available at university if you are struggling and would like help. I attended counselling sessions which really helped me when I was struggling after the death of a friend.

What’s next for you after NTU?

After graduating I plan to secure a paralegal role in London and get lots of work experience and gain proper insight into the legal industry. Whilst working as a paralegal I hope to secure a Training Contract at an international law firm in London.

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

The Employability Team has helped me by orgainising events with law firms which I attended and where I networked with legal professionals. This solidified my belief that I want to pursue a career in law at a commercial firm.

Strasbourg Summer School

During my first year I studied EU Law and Public Law where I learnt about Human Rights and the European institutions. The Strasbourg Summer School was related to these topics and also going on the trip gave me a change to practice my French.

We visited the European Parliament, Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights where we attended talks and were given tours of the institutions. We also had some lectures on Human Rights and Bioethics and explored the city and nearby area.

I really enjoyed the summer schools as it was informative and fun. I was able to make new friends and we all explored the city and spent our free time together eating out. It was a really good experience which I enjoyed.

I would definitely recommend the Summer School to other students as it is a great way to find out how EU law and Human Rights law applies in real life. It’s also a really fun week and a great way meet new people and make lasting memories.

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