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Christopher Hall


Course studied: BSc (Hons) Applied Physics

We now offer: BSc (Hons) Physics

United Kingdom
The physics staff are second to none in my opinion because they care about our learning and our wellbeing

More about Christopher

Why did you choose NTU?

I chose NTU because I wanted to live in and explore a new city and when I researched NTU, the first thing I noticed was the 100% student satisfaction in Physics. I was keen to learn more and when I noticed that NTU takes a more practical approach when teaching physics, that’s when I knew that NTU was for me.

How have you found your experience at NTU? 

My experience at NTU has been one of the best experiences of my life - one that I’ll never forget. The physics staff are second to none in my opinion because they care about our learning and our wellbeing. This makes it easy to approach your lecturers and ask for help when you need it.

What do you think of the facilities at NTU?

The facilities here at NTU are fantastic, we have a library right on campus which makes it easy to check out any books you need for the course/modules you’re taking. We have a student shop and an on-campus bar called the point where you can relax and socialise with friends after a day of lectures which is sometimes needed.

Did you live on Clifton campus in your first year?

I lived on campus in 1st year and the experience was amazing. This is where I met most of my friends on the course. Living on campus made it easy to attend lectures, go to the point and to catch a bus into the City of Nottingham, as there’s a bus stop right on campus.

What are you hoping to do once you graduate?

I hope to work in either the nuclear industry or the defence industry. I’ll be applying for as many graduate schemes in both these fields once I graduate.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418
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