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The last four years at NTU have been spectacular. The community of staff and students here are incredibly welcoming and helpful.

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Why did you choose NTU?

I chose NTU because of its approach to learning. A lot of our coursework here is designed to get you tinkering with different bits of technology as you progress through your course. That’s what was important to me, the ability to learn theory through a more practical, hands-on approach.

How have you found your experience at NTU?  

The last four years at NTU have been spectacular. The community of staff and students here are incredibly welcoming and helpful. Whenever I would get stuck on some work that I found especially challenging, I knew that I had the support of the staff here. I have probably spent several hours discussing module content and new ideas with both students and staff.

Have you done a placement? How did you find it?

I did a placement with NEXT. I worked there for a year as a Mainframe Developer and quite frankly it introduced me to a whole new area in the tech world that I hadn’t even really considered before. Mainframes have quickly become one of my favourite technologies to work with. I learnt how to be more flexible with the technology that I work with through my day-to-day learning at NTU. It’s the primary reason why I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a graduate offer from NEXT.

What do you think about the facilities at NTU?

Coming from an industry where the tools we work with are constantly evolving, some of which become redundant overnight, NTU has done a wonderful job at providing us with industry-level tools and facilities for us to work and learn with.

Did you live on campus in first year? What was your experience?

I didn’t live on campus in my first year; though, I did live about a 5-minute walk away from it in private student accommodation. The first-year student accommodation experience is perhaps a quintessential part of university life. You get the opportunity to socialise with other students and team up to go on adventures together. My most cherished memories are all the trips I took with my friends into the city when we first started exploring all that Nottingham had to offer.

What are you hoping to do once you graduate?

I’m hoping to return to my role at NEXT as a full-time mainframe developer and eventually move up as I become a better developer. I do also intend to explore the world of part-time games development as a means of continuing my passion for that area of the tech industry.

Did you join any societies/clubs to help you settle into life at NTU?

I’ve spent my time at NTU running the Developers Society (DevSoc) for the Computer Science Department and it has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I’ve watched our community and support network thrive, especially over the COVID-19 lockdowns. Aside from DevSoc, I was also a member of the board games society and it’s where I met most of my closest friends over our shared love for a good board game.

What advice would you give to others?

It’s okay to not know or fully understand a concept immediately. Imposter syndrome is especially prominent in this industry and it’s the easiest blocker to your personal growth. Ask those around you for help. You’ll be surrounded by some amazing people; each of them will have their own unique experiences and perspectives on things. Utilise their insight to grow as an individual.

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