Lorna Hatch
The teaching facilities are brilliant and the support from staff is outstanding.

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I decided to study BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health because I had a strong interest in how exercise and diet can be used to maintain good health and help treat disease. From reading the course information, I learnt that the course encouraged a holistic understanding of exercise, nutrition, health and disease, as opposed to other courses which appeared to only focus on one of these factors.

Currently, I’m a PhD student at NTU exploring how exercise can be used to optimise cognitive functioning in children. I’m also an Hourly Paid Lecturer, teaching first year students in sports science. My responsibilities include designing research studies, recruiting participants for studies, conducting research, analysing data, writing academic reports and reviews, and teaching. My course provided me with the valuable skills and knowledge that I use in my job today.

The teaching facilities are brilliant and the support from staff, including tutors, lecturers and library staff, is outstanding.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone who is about to start at university is to enjoy it! It will develop you as a person, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills, and you will make friends for life.

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