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Course studied: MChem (Hons) Chemistry

Czech Republic
I chose the NTU based on the high ranking of NTU’s chemistry course among the universities in the UK

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Why did you choose NTU?

I chose the NTU based on the high ranking of NTU’s chemistry course among the universities in the UK. In addition, pictures of the facilities stood out, especially the chemistry labs.

What's the best part of your course?

I think the best part of the course is spending time in labs which happens quite often. Experiments are fascinating, educative and challenging, but there is always someone you can ask for help either a lecturer or lab technician.

Did you do a placement, if so, please tell us about that?

I was able to do a summer placement at NTU. It was an amazing opportunity to contribute towards organic chemistry research involving the synthesis/modification of peptides and data collection using Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy. The method which was being developed could potentially ease the synthesis of pharmaceuticals in future, which in my opinion was quite exciting and inspiring. This work experience helped me to improve my skills for future employment and to be a better candidate for a PhD, which I am grateful for.

What are the facilities like on your course? How often do you use them?
Facilities are modern and well-equipped. When I first saw the main chemistry lab, I could not believe how big it was.  Lab sessions have never felt crowded and there is always a lab technician or lecturer to support you.  To me, gaining experience using specialized chemistry equipment is priceless and the course provides a lot of opportunities for it.

How do you find your lecturers and technical staff?

The teaching staff is amazing, very friendly and supportive. They reply to emails quickly and always find time for extra support if you need it.  There is not a particular lecturer in mind, they are all great, even though they are all different in the way of teaching, asking questions and revisions, all of them try to help students the best they can to graduate and that counts the most.

Did you join any clubs or societies?

I joined the Chemistry society, and the Christian Union and was the founder of the Czech & Slovak Society. They all gave me plenty of opportunities to socialize, create friendships and enjoy student life.

What do you want to do after NTU?

My dream is to continue towards the PhD and do research in Chemistry. The university is greatly helping me to achieve this goal. With the support from NTU, I have been able to improve my CV in every aspect. I was able to do a lot of volunteering, gained experience working part-time and got a summer placement.

If you had to recommend this course to a future student, what would you say?

The chemistry course at NTU provides all you need to be a chemist i.e. hands-on experience in the lab, specialized equipment, world-leading research, supportive lecturers and modern facilities. The only thing you need is motivation and determination. Also, it is located in Nottingham which is a great city for students, so you can enjoy student life because the university is not just about studying.

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