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The atmosphere in the Engineering department is really great, with friendly and very supportive staff.

More about Marta

Why did you choose NTU?

I didn’t know anything about Biomedical engineering until I came to NTU to start my foundation year in computer science due to a long break from education. During foundation, I discovered a lot about engineering courses and completely fell in love with them. Biomedical engineering is a very wide course, you learn about your body and how it all works, you also learn design, bits of coding, and maths etc. The atmosphere in the Engineering department is really great, with friendly and very supportive staff and you get so many opportunities to learn, practice, and do more if you really want to. You will be able to take a part in EROS program (Engineering research opportunity scholarship) or various projects and that all will give you so much more than just a qualification!

Would you recommend your degree to others?

I would highly recommend Biomedical Engineering! If you enjoy team projects, challenges, design and would love to be able to improve health and solve complex medical needs through engineering this is the course for you!

What do you think to the facilities at NTU?

NTU has a new Engineering building with great facilities, great labs, fully equipped workshops, 3d printers even a real aircraft lab. The staff are amazing, supportive, and approachable, always ready to support students. We have student services within NTU and NTSU which are available to us and can support us with any case whenever students need help. We have a library on campus and the library facilities allow you to work at any time by using the computers, study rooms, books or articles and if something is not available, they will organise it for you to make sure you have everything you need to successfully complete your work. The library on our City Campus has a beautiful green roof just perfect for when is sunny so you can still enjoy the weather while working.

Can you tell us about what you like about studying in Nottingham?

Nottingham is a small but busy city. You can always find something to do when you take study breaks. You will find plenty of clubs, pubs and restaurants which have also available student discounts. You will find gyms, mini golf clubs, escape rooms, cinemas, theatres, galleries and many more things to do.

What advice would you give to others?

Enjoy university, put yourself out there, make memories, make friends, go out, join societies or networks, ask questions, and get involved! The university is not only about the degree, but also about the experience, fun, and work. University will equip you for your future, just go with the flow!

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