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Tanaka Laura Mhuruyengwe

Laura Mhuruyengwe

NTU helped me achieve my goals and aspirations because of the exceptional and hands-on teaching staff at NTU

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Why did you choose to study in the UK?

Hi, my name is Tanaka and I recently graduated from the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) with a first-class honour’s degree in Financial Mathematics. One of the primary reasons I chose to study in the UK was because British tertiary education has an impressive international reputation with most degrees recognised worldwide. From a young age, I would often visit my grandmother who lived in the UK. So as the UK was a place I was already familiar with, I was really keen to spread my wings and explore more of it.

What was your first experience of life in at NTU?

When I first moved to Nottingham, I remember feeling so excited about the new journey I would be embarking on. I liked the fact that Nottingham was a very vibrant city with a variety of shops, clubs, restaurants and other cool hang out spots for students. The city itself has a very large student presence and lots of activities for students to do, so it was really easy meeting new people and making new friends. I attended Clifton Campus, NTU’s second largest campus and I loved how modern the learning spaces were and the fact that it had a thriving student community of its own.

How do you feel NTU has helped you prepare for your future career aspirations and goals?

I studied A-Level Maths and really enjoyed it, so when it came to applying for universities, the Financial Mathematics course offered by NTU really appealed to me. In comparison to other universities I looked into whilst applying, NTU helped me achieve my goals and aspirations because of the exceptional and hands-on teaching staff at NTU. In terms of my career aspirations, the NTU employability team and academic support staff were extremely helpful in helping me land a work placement which equipped me with essential skills and experience for the future.

Looking back, when I think about what my goals and career aspirations were at the time, I can now confidently say that studying at NTU helped me to excel and brought out the untapped potential in me. I received a lot of guidance and support from my lecturers and the employability staff. As part of my degree, I undertook a sandwich year which saw me working in industry for a year and helped me gain professional experience. When I returned to complete my final year, I later graduated in the top 5% of my class, receiving an academic excellence award and I had the honour of presenting the student vote of thanks at my graduation ceremony. So as far as goals go, I think I nailed it.

What extra-curricular activities were you involved in at NTU?

During my studies, I was involved in a few extra-curricular activities. In my second year, I was a student ambassador for the university as well as a course ambassador for the Mathematics and Physics department at the School of Science and Technology. I was also a member of the Investment and Trading society which helped me gain a practical understanding of how real world financial markets operate. Lastly, I was also involved in a school outreach programme called ‘Students in Classrooms’ which was run by NTU and facilitated through a teaching a mentoring scheme. This programme aimed at motivating and raising the aspirations of school children within the socially-deprived areas of the Nottingham. It also focused on increasing students’ attainment levels, developing pupil character and raising awareness about opportunities within tertiary education. My role in this programme was that of a Maths tutor where I worked alongside classroom teachers offering support and exemplifying a positive role model. It was such a great experience and it helped me grow in so many ways.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering NTU?

So for anyone considering NTU, my advice would be to definitely go for it! As an international student, my experience at NTU is testament to the fact that there are no barriers to what you can achieve. The sky is the limit and regardless of what goals you have, NTU will give you lots of guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.

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