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Amanda McCarron


United Kingdom
The lecturers for my modules this year have been awesome, funny and caring whilst teaching some tough subjects and have made the learning very fun!

More about Amanda

Why NTU?

Why inspired you to study your subject?

"I have a keen interest in understanding human behaviour and the reasoning behind it. I also want to work with offenders and help them rehabilitate in order to live fulfilling lives which are free from crime."

Why did you choose your course and NTU?

"I chose the course and NTU as it is a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited course which means I can go on to further study if I wish. NTU also has some amazing academics with a variety of interesting experience which has expanded my understanding and knowledge of the criminal justice system and the roles within it."

What's your experience been like of your course so far?

"I have loved my experience at NTU, especially third year as I got to conduct research which I am passionate about and my modules from this year has been extremely interesting. I have also made some amazing friends which has helped keep me motivated when things were tough. The academics for my modules this year have also been awesome, funny and caring whilst teaching some tough subjects and have made the learning very fun!"

What does Social Science mean to you?

"It means supporting people to transform their lives whilst being a part of services that have the same passions as you do."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"The support I have received throughout university experience has been amazing. Tutors and staff are great at listening, offering advice and being understanding. As a full time mum, support worker and student, this was very meaningful to me."

Outside of the Lecture Theatre

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

"Yes – the friends I have made at NTU have been a good source of support and also distraction when it’s been needed, they also made settling into university life easier."

The Next Steps

What's next for you after NTU?

"I plan to advance in my career. I’ve been a support worker for a variety of different services for almost 10 years, but now I’m applying for more challenging roles, such as the probation service, which I am very excited about. Maybe in the future, I will return to complete my masters degree!"

How is NTU helping you to achieve your career goals?

"NTU has helped me by providing knowledge of job opportunities and how to use my degree in different roles."


What top tips would you give anyone thinking about studying your course at NTU?

"Make friends, don't take things too seriously and have fun!"

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