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Ellie Barrie
I never thought I would go to university so I have been really excited by the whole student experience!

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What made you choose this course? 

After deciding nursing was the career I wanted to pursue I made the very easy decision to attend NTU which is a university with a great reputation and close to home. Being able to learn and work at the same time is ideal for me and I am glad more routes into nursing are being developed.

How has the course so far helped you prepare for your career?

External placements have been essential in helping me decide what type of nursing is right for me. For example, I particularly enjoyed my community and mental health placements and only know this now I have been exposed to different settings. Subjects on the course such as communication, emotional intelligence and resilience are not only beneficial in preparing for my career as a Nursing Associate but can be utilised in everyday situations.

Could you describe your experience of being a student at NTU so far?

I never thought I would go to university so I have been really excited by the whole student experience! Despite the pandemic limiting the time I have spent on campus I have always found there to be great facilities and resources available to students.

Could you tell us about the support you received from your tutors and university staff?

All staff I have encountered including lecturers, student support, librarians have been very supportive and helpful. With a fast pace course it is reassuring when the people that support you are quick to respond to queries.

We’ve had to transition to remote teaching during the coronavirus outbreak. How have you found that change? Do you feel the University’s responded well to the challenge?

With the first three months of the course being face to face, I found remote learning difficult to adapt to as I prefer the classroom environment. However, the university adapted well and aimed to make online content as interactive as possible.

During this period of remote teaching, have you still been able to access the kinds of guidance and support you’d normally expect? 

Yes, I have had remote tutorials and have been able to access lots of resources on NOW to help with my academic work. I have always been able to ask for help when required whether I’ve been in the classroom or not.

If you recommended this course to a future student, what would you say?

Plan your time, ask questions and embrace it! This course allows you to expand on the skills and knowledge you already have. There are so many opportunities available to you as a student so experience as much as you can as it goes so quickly. I want to do it all over again!

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