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Emily Francis
Reflecting on my time at NTU, I have gained so much knowledge and developed my psychological understanding across a range of topics.

More about Emily

Why NTU?

What inspired you to study your subject?

"My passion for understanding all aspects of human behaviour inspired me to study BSc (Hons) Psychology. Studying Psychology at A-Level opened a new and intriguing perspective of the world for me; a perspective which allowed me to gain a greater scientific understanding of how the behaviour of people is shaped and influenced by both the environment and genetics.

My desire to study and further explore this subject was driven by gaining this knowledge and understanding. I was completely fascinated by the rapidly changing field of study of Psychology and could see how it has proved to be invaluable across a wide range of contexts. The flexible and adaptable nature of gaining a Psychology degree also appealed to me as I could see how this study would offer me a variety of different career options."

Why did you choose your course and NTU?

"Following the completion of my Psychology A-Level, I knew that I wanted to further study this subject and broaden my knowledge and understanding of the discipline of Psychology. I loved the broad range of areas of study that the BSc (Hons) Psychology course at NTU had to offer, from biological and cognitive psychology, to social and developmental psychology, as well as research methods and statistics.

Having the opportunity to specialise in specific aspects of Psychology from Year Two at NTU also stood out to me. At the end of Year Two, I was able to tailor my degree to my interests in child psychology and chose to specialise in the Educational and Developmental pathway. This enabled me to select option modules particularly relevant to my passions in Year Three, including trauma and social development in children and adolescents, and provided greater specialist understanding related to my future career aspirations.

When visiting NTU at an open day, the staff were so friendly and welcoming which immediately put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I could see how passionate the lecturers were about Psychology and they were interested in finding out which aspects of the discipline had already caught my interest. The amazing facilities NTU has to offer also guided my decision to complete my degree here."

What’s your experience been like of your course so far?

"Reflecting on my time at NTU, as I come to the end of Year Three, I have absolutely loved studying Psychology and feel as though I have gained so much knowledge and developed my psychological understanding across a range of topics. Some of my highlights include being able to make amazing friendships with people on a range of courses, building great relationships with my tutors and lecturers across the years, and being able to work both collaboratively and independently during my course."

Have you been involved in any projects or extra-curricular activities that have supplemented your studies run through NTU?

"NTU has offered me many amazing opportunities that have supplemented my studies. In both Year One and Two, I was a Course Representative for BSc Psychology (Educational and Developmental) which gave me opportunities to attend student and course committees to discuss how myself and my peers were experiencing the course. By working and communicating with both my peers and course leaders, this helped developed my confidence and communication skills.

I also was able to work as an Events Ambassador in which I spoke to prospective students and their parents about everything Psychology at NTU!

In Year Two and Three, I additionally participated in the Students in Classrooms scheme through NTU as a Primary Learning Advocate. During which I worked at local primary schools on ten-week placements in order to support children’s attainment and personal development, whilst also acting as a positive role model. This enabled me to gain more experience working with children in a classroom setting, which helped confirm my aspirations of becoming a primary teacher."

What does Social Sciences mean to you?

"To me, the department of Psychology at NTU is just one aspect of Social Sciences – it represents being able to make a difference by positively impacting the lives of people at a range of levels, from the individual to wider society."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"Throughout my time at NTU, I have felt very supported by my tutors and lecturers to be able to achieve my best, both personally and academically. Over the three years, I have been able to build strong working relationships with my personal tutors and really felt as though they were there to support me in my studies. If at any point I had any questions or queries, I knew that by contacting my lecturers they would be able to help guide me."

Outside of the Lecture Theatre

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

"Although moving to a new city and University was initially a daunting experience, made more challenging by COVID-19 restrictions in Year One, I really enjoyed meeting new people and forming new friendships. Making friends in my first few weeks really helped me settle in at NTU and find my feet adjusting to University life. Over the past three years, I have made some amazing friendships that will continue as I move beyond my degree."

The Next Steps

What’s next for you after NTU?

"Following gaining my BSc (Hons) Psychology (Educational and Developmental) degree, I am going to complete a PGCE in Primary Teaching to become a primary teacher. I will be able to use the knowledge I have gained in psychological theory to support children and promote their well-being, progress, and attainment. In the future, becoming an educational psychologist is also a career path that interests me."

How is NTU helping you to achieve your career goals?

"To help achieve my career goal of becoming a primary teacher, NTU, and particularly their employability team, have been a great help. From delivering presentations about the different routes into teaching following my degree, the employability team also provided support with my teacher training application in terms of highlighting key aspects to include in my personal statement."


What top tips would you give anyone thinking about studying your course at NTU?

"Firstly, I would say if you are considering studying a Psychology degree at NTU, do not hesitate to get your application in and just apply! Whilst there are differences in how you are taught and the ways in which you work compared to sixth form and college, in Year One the first term is designed to ease you in – so no need to worry! Throughout my course, I have found the best way to work is ahead of deadlines rather than to them, so would definitely recommend doing this. When reaching the end of Year Two, I would say think carefully about what module options you choose for your final year, as this is a great opportunity to gain specialist knowledge in areas that interest you. Lastly, have fun and enjoy every moment of the course – it goes a lot quicker than you expect!"

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