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Fee Steane


United Kingdom
The sky is the limit! When I started the course, I never imagined myself being so involved but I have grown in confidence, grabbing any opportunity I can.

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"I specifically chose the social work course at NTU because of the reputation of the D2N2 teaching partnership. Additionally, I am local to Nottingham and as a mature student the tram network into the campus is really practical."

"The course has a great balance between theory, models of practice and legislation all relevant to social work. There is also a module where we are able to learn practical skills and then practice and develop these, whilst working alongside service users from an advocacy group. This makes the learning much more realistic and really consolidates the skills you learn in the classroom. The course also supports you to develop your way of thinking and really ignites a passion for social work and social justice. This is further supported by the lecturers who show their passion through sharing practice experience and expertise, alongside other students who all have varied experiences and we share and learn from each other."

"Since becoming a student at NTU I would, without doubt, say my confidence personally and professionally has grown. There have been so many opportunities to be involved in. I have attended an international social work conference in Malta, presented at this same conference in England, became a student ambassador and CERT mentor, had an article published in the social sciences magazine and worked alongside a lecturer and other students on a project that we have presented within university and at other venues. These are only what I have become involved in and there are other opportunities such as supporting exchanges from other universities from overseas, other international trips and many societies and sports activities around university. The sky is the limit! When I started the course, I never imagined myself being so involved but I have grown in confidence, grabbing any opportunity I can."

"Personally and academically I have received endless amounts of support from university. There are academic support staff who can support you to transition into university writing, and continue this support throughout your time at university. I have used this support many times and it has improved my standard of writing and confidence in my ability. I have also received support from the student support service, who have supported me to manage my mental health through a difficult personal time. Their support alongside the support of my personal tutor, and other lecturers on the course, has been incredible. The staff have been understanding, supportive, compassionate and have really adapted support to my needs. It has been a lifeline."

"Recent challenges with remote learning have been difficult. I have really struggled without being with my cohort. Usually we spend time reflecting, discussing and debating topics which really consolidates learning and we cannot do this at home. I have continued to keep in touch with some of the cohort which has been helpful. The lecturers have been working hard to get our learning online and although there has been bumps in the road, it feels like staff and students are really joining together to get through this."

"During remote teaching we are all feeling concerned about our standard of work, especially for some of us who are parents and trying to balance childcare and workloads. I have been able to access so much support from my personal tutor, other lecturers and student support. I have had weekly meetings with student support which have been really helpful."

"I have completed a placement within an adult mental health team. I worked directly with adults experiencing mental illness, holding my own case load. This gave me the opportunity to gain practical skills within this field. I supported those I was working with to attend peer support groups to build their support network, with skills to be able to access public transport or even to leave the house. Supporting adult’s directly in the community gave me the chance to be creative with my skills I had learned in the classroom. During my placement I had excellent support from a work based supervisor, practice educator and my personal tutor who ensured I was comfortable and confident with the work I was given and supported me if I wasn’t." 

"I would highly recommend the social work course if you are passionate about social work and social justice. You will be supported by passionate lecturers who have a wide range of practice experience and joined by other students who share your passion. Your views, values and way of thinking will be challenged and developed supporting you to grow personally and professionally. What I love about the course is that you are constantly learning about the career you are passionate about, whilst gaining valuable practical skills and knowledge to put into practice. You get the opportunity to experience placements and classroom-based learning which really consolidates your knowledge and skills preparing you for life as a social worker."

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