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India Pritchard


United Kingdom
Keep persevering. It all pays off in the end!

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Our Criminology Alumni India talks to us about her career journey after graduating NTU and how she has had some big successes in her career so far.

Tell us why you chose to study at NTU?

I chose to study at NTU as it was close to where I live so I would still be nearby friends and family which was important to me. Additionally, I knew that NTU is known to be a very good university to study at so that helped my decision to choose Trent.

Tell us about your memories of NTU?

Whilst at University I learnt that I am very strong-willed and determined when I want something enough. I am capable of degree-level work - something I never thought I would be good at. I loved the friends I made and life whilst at university, Nottingham is a great city and I have very fond memories of my time there.

What did you do that enhanced your employment prospects?

Unfortunately, during my course, there was no option to do a placement. Although, as soon as I graduated, I wanted to be able to build up my hands-on experience, therefore I got a job as a Youth Support Worker.

Take us through a typical day at work?

At the moment, I work as an Education and Careers Coordinator. Within this role I have a caseload of around 25-30 young people that I support across the county of Nottingham. This means I travel to different homes to check on their engagement in education. I also attend meetings relative to their education to support them. I find this a very rewarding job and really enjoy my day-to-day duties.

What attracted you to this field of work?

I always knew I wanted to work with young people so after finishing my studies I knew that this role was perfect for my interests.

What challenges have you faced so far, and can you tell us about some highlights?

I would say that getting a promotion at the age I am at currently, having only worked in the company for 6 months, has to be my biggest achievement.

Being so young and promoted within six months, I have noticed people may not take me seriously sometimes. I chose to ignore this. I had a hard time applying for jobs and getting rejected quite often due to my limited experience, but I kept applying and finally got to the position I am in now for which I am very proud of myself. The long hours and strenuous work can be challenging but the highlights of the role outweighs this.

Finally, if you had a time machine, what would you go back and tell yourself at Uni?

I can do it. Keep persevering. It all pays off in the end!

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