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van Horn - exchange student visiting from Northern Arizona University

United States of America
I chose to study at NTU because I had read many great things about the Psychology department and the research that was going on in the University.

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"It had always been a goal of mine to study abroad while in university. It’s a great opportunity to live in a different country and to experience everything that that country has to offer. When I was in high school I briefly visited England for a few days and knew that if given the chance I would want to spend more time there. So when I was picking a location to study, England was the obvious choice. I chose NTU because the University is in a great location and has excellent Psychology courses.

"I was excited to be studying somewhere different and I had been told beforehand about what to expect when starting school in the UK. Getting the chance to experience a new style of learning would be a great opportunity and help to broaden my horizons in school. There were many differences between university in the UK and in the US that I had to get accustomed to. The setup of the classes, the amount of homework and the way students interacted in the class were all new experiences and provided a refreshing change of pace in my education.

"I chose to study at NTU because I had read many great things about the Psychology department and the research that was going on in the University. I also felt that the University provided many opportunities to meet new people, including the different societies and social events that take place across all the campuses. The University also seemed very integrated within Nottingham which would mean that I could not only enjoy my time on campus but also would get to explore the city.

"My favourite class was Schools of Thought in Psychology. This course gave a general overview of Psychology but what I thought was so valuable was the one-on-one time we were able to get with the professors. This time was ideal to discuss lectures and assignments, and address any questions we may have. As an exchange student this was incredibly useful for me as I was better able to understand what was required of me in class.

"When I was researching NTU one of the things I found very exciting was that there had been recent renovations done to some of the buildings. The facility I liked the most was the Newton building which would be where I would attend the majority of my classes. The facilities were so new, the lecture halls were spacious and the building itself provided many areas for students to meet and study. I ended spending a good amount of time in Newton taking my classes, eating, using the computers and taking advantage of the seating area to meet with other students.

"Boots Library was the biggest asset to me during my time at NTU and I found that there were many other international students who spent a good amount of time in the library. The best part was that it was open 24/7 which allowed me to spend as much time as I needed researching and doing homework. There was also an area on the bottom floor where students could meet to study and do group work. There were also plenty of computers so I could always do my work easily and of course there were printers and scanners which are a necessity for all students. To top it all off there was a Starbucks within the library which was perfect for when I had to stay late.

"The students at NTU were very welcoming; everyone was friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. The professors really gave me the support I needed to adjust to the school and were there whenever I had a question. And the students helped me to feel part of the community and showed me around Nottingham. I made some good friends and my time at NTU was only made better by the people I met there.

"My advice for any student who is considering doing an exchange programme would be to just relax. Traveling to a new country that you're unfamiliar with can be stressful, there are so many factors that you have to figure out. However, once you get there it'll all come together, you just have to relax and be open to trying new things. It may feel awkward to put yourself out there but if you just relax and be open to the new experiences you'll have a great trip and come back with memories you'll have for the rest of your life."


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