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FAQs about undergraduate courses

Applying for a course at NTU

All our undergraduate course applications are managed through UCAS. You can apply by:

  • going directly to the UCAS homepage
  • clicking the "Apply" button on the top right of the relevant course page on our website.

The deadline for UCAS applications is usually in January each year. All applications submitted before this time will be given equal consideration.

You are able to apply for a course after this date as long as there are still spaces, but if a course is full it may be closed to new applicants. To be considered as a standard applicant, you will need to have submitted an application before 30 June. After this, your application will be assessed as part of Clearing.

We do still accept applications after the UCAS deadline and will process them as normal as long as there is still space on the course.

If a course is full, then we may close the course without considering any further applications until the next student intake. If a course has been closed, it will not be available on UCAS for you to apply for.

You can find all our entry criteria on the relevant course page. We may accept alternative qualifications so we would encourage applications from a wide variety of applicants. However, please note that we cannot confirm if we would offer you a place on your chosen course until we have received and reviewed your application in full.

If you would like to change course, please contact us with details.

Academic references should be from your last school or college on headed paper.

Employer references should include details of your role, duties and length of employment. This can be sent to us directly by the organisation or on headed paper.

You can email a reference to us as long as it is in PDF format on headed paper. Alternatively, your employer can send it to us directly via our online enquiry form.

You must correct any inaccurate data via UCAS Track. We are unable to update any details for you.

Your offer

At times, we may make students an offer to study an alternative course. This may be following an interview or portfolio submission, or it could be because the course you have applied for is full.

Applications can take up to 10 working days to process, or longer during busy periods.

Updates are shown on your UCAS Track. If we require further information to support your application we will contact you for this, which may delay an offer being made.

If your predicted grades meet the entry requirements for your course, then you receive a standard conditional offer.

Once we have received confirmation of your results, providing they meet the entry criteria, your offer is updated to unconditional.

Unconditional offer holders do not need to send any further confirmation of their results. We will send further information about enrolment in mid-July.

A-level results are usually released in August each year, although this may change based on Government guidance. If achieved grades are the only outstanding condition of an offer, we will confirm our decisions on this date.

GCSE results are usually released a week after A Level results, in August each year.

Key dates for UCAS applications may change each year - to see the latest dates, please check the UCAS website.

If you don't meet the entry requirements for your course, we may look to make an alternative offer for a foundation degree or alternative course with lower entry requirements where possible. You have up until enrolment to meet the conditions of your offer.

It is understandable that there may be some uncertainty around apprenticeships in the current climate. Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries regarding your course.

We use guidance from UKCISA to help assess your fee status (i.e. whether you're eligible for Home or International fees).

Generally, to be eligible for Home fees you would need to:

  • hold an acceptable settled status e.g. indefinite leave to reman, British citizen, EU status; and
  • have three-year ordinary residency in a relevant area.

Please note, you may be asked to provide relevant documentation to evidence that you have made a home living in the UK or relevant area e.g. utility bills, bank statements.

For more advice around your personal circumstances, please visit UKCISA.

If you have received an offer to study and believe that your fee status is incorrect, please complete our fee assessment form. If you have any queries regarding the process, please contact us using our online enquiry form, selecting the fee assessment option.

Transfer to NTU or defer your place

You can apply to transfer to NTU by submitting a UCAS application.

If you would like to join us in the 2nd or 3rd year, you will need to select the ‘point of entry’ option on your UCAS application.

Once we receive your application, we will ask for a breakdown of the modules you have already studied. These will be assessed by an academic for content and compatibility. They will then determine if you are suitable for advanced entry or if we can make you an offer to start in year 1.

You can defer your place at NTU by one academic year. If you are requesting to defer for the second time, you should withdraw your existing application and reapply for your chosen year of entry. If you would like to defer, please contact us.

Please note, you'll need to meet the entry requirements for the year you are deferring to - entry requirements may change each year.