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Meet our postgraduate researchers

Meet our inspiring and collaborative research community and hear more about the work they're doing together at NTU to make a global impact.

When you join NTU, you become part of our Doctoral School, complete with the expertise to support you as a postgraduate researcher. We welcome you to our collaborative community — a diverse group of researchers working on a variety of projects that are changing the world.

Hear more about our current postgraduate researchers and the work they're doing here at NTU.

Anthony Gifford, Doctoral Researcher

A step change: helping to eradicate HIV transmissions

Anthony is a PhD candidate in the School of Social Sciences, with a focus on the psychosociological influences on the decision to take PrEP, a HIV prevention drug, amongst the MSM community.

I’d been following the rollout of PrEP and shared my concerns with friends that there wasn’t enough noise being made about it. They told me I should do something about it – so I did. I spoke to one of my professors, he supported my PhD application, and everything fell into place.

Jenni Ramone, Associate Professor

Re-writing the narrative: breastfeeding experience

Jenni is an Associate Professor in the School of Arts and Humanities, focusing on representations of breastfeeding in global art and literature, comparing located (particular, material contexts) and global representations of breastfeeding in literary texts and works of art.

My research explores the representation of breastfeeding in contemporary global literature and art. The variety of representations and local, national and historical contexts means every image and every text is a rich source to explore.

Funding for widening participation

NTU has been awarded funding under a joint Research England and Office for Students (OfS) programme to improve access and participation for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in postgraduate research (PGR) study.

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