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The NTU SCALE-UP project, the first in the UK to pilot the approach across multiple disciplines, has just been recognised at the Guardian University Awards 2015 where it scooped second place in the Teaching Excellence category. For more information visit our SCALE-UP web pages; NTU staff can also access the SCALE-UP Sharepoint site.

Student success

If you would like to know more about supporting the attainment of all students, including signing up for our regular newsletter, and upcoming Student Success events, please contact Sarah Lawther.


Learning Metrics, Learning Analytics Symposium

Booking is now open for our symposium on 10 December.

View the Past events section for resources from previous events, including the DELITe Symposium and Learning and teaching through games.


The University's framework, procedures and processes for assuring and enhancing the standards and quality of academic provision. Includes an overview of committee terms of reference and membership.

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What's new?

Visit our new 'Experimental teaching rooms' page to learn more about some different types of teaching areas that are now available at NTU.