About CADQ

Our work ensures students have the best learning and teaching experiences during their time at NTU. We work closely with Schools to develop courses to the highest standard.

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  • Academic Development

    Academic Development strives to make NTU's learning and teaching better, benefitting all our students. This builds on our efforts to achieve 'Success for All through reducing (and ultimately removing) unexplained disparities in student outcomes. Another intervention, SCALE-UP, an active, collaborative learning approach that we have proven works and is already experienced by almost half of NTU’s students. Our FLEX team develops NTU’s growing online and flexible learning offer to meet the needs of all students.

  • Academic Quality

    We ensure high quality courses are developed which reflect NTU's ambitions and result in good outcomes for students. Our role is also to provide the guiding framework for the development and oversight of NTU’s academic provision, and we support Schools and course teams in its implementation and ongoing operation. We also ensure that the standards of our awards compare well with national benchmarks and are maintained through rigorous processes. We ensure NTU is compliant with all sector regulations and requirements and manage the quality and standards of provision to ensure our collaborative partners deliver a student academic experience that matches NTU expectations.

  • Staff Directory

    To find a list of staff who work in CADQ please go to the staff directory.

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