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Politics and International Relations student presents her research on economic insecurity to the RSA

Martina Gyamfi shares her learning with RSA staff on economic insecurity in the EU

On Friday 9 March, an International Relations students, Martina Gyamfi shared research on economic insecurity and the employment rates of Greece, Denmark, and France with the RSA in London. Martina Gyamfi, a second-year Politics and International Relations student, joined Nottingham Civic Exchange on a placement which was developed to support her to build on her university learning and support us Nottingham Civic Exchange and our colleagues at the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

Nottingham Trent University has made a commitment that all students undertake work like placements whilst studying. This placement supports students to translate their skills and knowledge from the classroom into practical situations. As Martina is a Politics and International Relations student, we worked with her to link our locally based work with a European focus.

Inspired by the Addressing Economic Insecurity report co-created by the RSA and Nottingham Civic Exchange, we agreed on undertaking research, which looked how economic insecurity is understood in an international context. Due to the condensed nature of the placement, the research question was focused down to:

The placement was also designed to ensure that Martina discussed her work with an expert audience and to consider how this opportunity would benefit her after university. Through Nottingham Civic Exchange’s relationship with the RSA, we set up meetings with Atif Shafique, author of Addressing Economic Insecurity, and arranged for her to talk with Adanna Shallowe, who works for the international arm of the RSA in RSA Global, to highlight the potential employment opportunities that are available to NTU students upon graduation.

The process was certainly a challenging experience for Martina but she enjoyed it and really engaged with the question she set. The RSA staff were impressed with her level of knowledge and ability to ask the important questions. They are keen to explore how we can create similar opportunities in the future for NTU students and are interested in how we work with them to use some of the findings from the research Nottingham Civic Exchange is already developing.

Creating opportunities and looking at key issues from a multitude of perspectives is very important to Nottingham Civic Exchange. We welcome conversations about how to engage students and external individuals or organisations.

Is economic insecurity considered an issue across the EU when focusing on employment and housing research

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Published on 15 March 2018
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