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Sustainability in Enterprise project hits milestone of supporting over 200 locals SMEs

This month (October 2022) NTU has reached an important milestone by attaining over 200 enrolments through the Sustainability in Enterprise project. It has now helped over 200 local businesses to understand and reduce their current carbon emissions. Financial support is available to help act in all areas, and that includes people - the core of any organisation.

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The project has supported over 200 local businesses

How can NTU help SMEs to reduce their carbon emissions?

SME leaders are overwhelmed by multiple challenges, in addition to the transition to a green economy. Accounting for 50% of UK business carbon emissions, most (76%) don’t yet have a decarbonisation strategy, with 69% unable to measure their emissions.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Sustainability in Enterprise (SiE) project helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Greater Nottingham with a range of funding and practical support to reduce their carbon emissions.

It has supported over 200 local business to fully understand their current carbon emissions, identify effective carbon reduction measures and can help businesses through the support outlined below.

Carbon Grants
There are only 25 recruitment grants remaining with limited weeks left to claim

Recruitment Grants – 30 November 2022 deadline

With the ever-increasing desire from graduates to work in companies which have strong social and environmental policies, NTU's Employability team are supporting SMEs to create sustainability-related employment opportunities for graduates, working within the philosophy that every role can be 'greener', no matter the remit, industry, or experience level.

One element of support is the opportunity for businesses to receive a 20 % recruitment grant towards the salary of a new employee that has graduated within the last three years.

The SiE project has only 25 recruitment grants remaining with limited weeks left to claim, with the deadline for final applications being 30 November 2022! The recruitment grants available offer businesses 20% towards the cost of hiring a graduate, provided that the role remit includes an element of responsibility around the business' sustainability.

SCL Emily Bicknell
The next available cohort will start on Wednesday 11 January

Sustainability Community Lab – new cohort added for January 2023

The Sustainability Community Lab (SCL), is an early careers development course aimed at equipping graduates currently employed in business with the necessary tools and skills to effectively promote sustainable practices within their work environment. It allows businesses to nurture their staff to become sustainability advocates within the business.

The SCL consists of a series of workshops which feature transformative learning activities and peer networking to foster knowledge exchange between businesses, covering:

  • Holistic and intersectional sustainability: exploring sustainability theory; helping graduates to develop sustainability mindsets, understanding the breadth and depth of sustainability and how it intersects with human and business activity.
  • Sustainability in business: broadening understanding and relevance of sustainability in an economical and business context, utilising tools available to assess business sustainability, applying critical thinking and analysis to business case studies, recognising opportunities to innovate and drive strategic change.
  • Sustainability advocacy: embedding sustainability into business culture, effectively advocating and framing issues around sustainability with key stakeholders, the use of social media and content creation.

The next available cohort will start on Wednesday 11 January with guest speakers including Becky Valentine from Spenbeck and Julie Reid from Hallam, who will be sharing their sustainability journey with participants.

How to access the support available

Please contact Vicky Harvey (Sustainability and Employer Engagement Coordinator) for more information about the talent grant and SCL.

You can also contact us via:

Please note, support is only available to SMEs based in the Greater Nottingham (SUDS) area - view eligibility map.

Published on 24 October 2022
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