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The Carbon Programme Group

To meet our ambitious goals, it is essential that the whole NTU community is engaged as set out in the NTU Carbon Roadmap. We have established a Net Zero Carbon governance structure tasked with implementing projects across four workstream areas to deliver the necessary carbon reductions. These workstreams are Energy and Water, Transport and Travel, Supply Chain, and Partner Accommodation.

The groups work together to plan ambitious actions that will reduce emissions across all areas at NTU. These workstreams report to a dedicated Carbon Programme Group, consisting of expert representatives from Academia, Research, Professional Services, NTSU and the student body, and is chaired by the Director of Estates. Progress is reported to senior leadership.


The Carbon Programme Group works towards the Embracing Sustainability theme in NTU's Strategy 'University, reimagined' which states: By 2025, NTU will be…” recognised as the most environmentally responsible University in the UK”. Part two of the theme details that NTU  "will set and meet specific and challenging targets for reducing our environmental footprint and ensure our campuses are exemplars of sustainable practice".

CPG Governance

(Figure: Authority and Reporting Structure for Net Zero Carbon 2040)

The Carbon Programme Group





Umesh Desai (Chair)

Director or Estates


Email Umesh

Charmaine Morrell

Head of Sustainability


Email Charmaine

Michael Lees

Director of Campus Services

Campus Services Head Office

Email Michael

Kate Brown

Head of Procurement


Email Kate

Scott Brooks

Estates Operations Manager


Email Scott

Simon Smith

Associate Director Estates


Email Simon

Richard Antcliff

Head of Campus Operations


Email Richard

Peter Nicholson

Head of Digital Services

Digital Technologies

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Charlotte Wood

Sustainability Manager


Email Charlotte

Hettie Bawden

Sustainability Coordinator


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Lauren Dunning

Head of Corporate and Research Marketing


Email Lauren

Michelle Pepin

Strategy Manager

Strategic Planning and Change

Email Michelle

Helen Puntha

Green Academy Lead

Green Academy

Email Helen

Jill Marlow

Senior Project Manager (Major Projects)


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Joe Price

Student Representative

Maths and Physics (Student)

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