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Creating a partnership

Find out about the process for setting up a collaboration and partnership with NTU to deliver quality higher education services.

Enquiries about working with NTU as a collaborative partner

If you have an enquiry about partnering with NTU to develop a course and are based in the UK, please contact CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships:

For support for international collaborations and partnerships, please contact our NTU Global team:

Process for approval of new partners and/or courses

Please see the UK collaborative provision business evaluation process flow which outlines the process for obtaining business approval for UK collaborative courses.

Steps one and two below relate to UK partners. Business evaluation for international partners is managed by NTU Global, and interested parties should contact NTU Global for further information on the process.

Step three is valid for both UK and international partners.

Discussions should take place between the Proposer(s) and the Collaborations and Partnerships Team Leader, involving other colleagues such as Strategic Planning and Change as appropriate, to determine whether business evaluation should go ahead

Once triage discussions have been completed and the decision has been made to proceed to business evaluation, you can commence the process.

A channel will be set up on MS Teams, the UK CP Business Evaluation form will be uploaded and all relevant stakeholders added to the channel to ensure the accurate completion of the form. This will include:

  • Lead contact at the Partner
  • NTU Academic Lead
  • Finance Business Partners for the NTU School(s)

The Collaborations and Partnerships Team will complete the UK Partner Assessment form (UKPA), which draws together information on the partner. The form includes an overview of the partner, any past links or relationships, and if there have been any concerns from an operational or quality perspective for existing partners.

The University's UK Business Evaluation Group (UKBEG) and the School's Deputy Dean will be added to the channel upon completion of the UK CP Business Evaluation and UKPA form. They will be invited to review and discuss the proposal and come to a decision on whether it should proceed to academic approval.

Following business evaluation approval, the proposed partner and/or course will follow NTU's Course Design Sprint process, which is modified for collaborations and partnerships. This is to ensure the provision is of high and robust quality.

Periodic Collaborative Review

Periodic Collaborative Review can be both at an institutional and course level.

At an institutional level, it assesses whether a partner continues to be appropriate to deliver an NTU award.

At course-level, collaborative review ensures that a course remains current and operates effectively and that appropriate quality management takes place.

Partners will be informed when they are expected to undertake a Periodic Collaborative Review.

As with business evaluation for new collaborative courses, a channel will be set up on MS Teams and stakeholders will be added to complete the form. Forms are different or different types of partnership:

The Collaborations and Partnerships Team will complete the UK Partner Assessment form (UKPA) and this will be added to the Teams channel for approval by the UKBEG and School Executive Team alongside the review business evaluation form.

Please contact NTU Global for information and templates for international partnerships.

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