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Finance information for current partners

Find out more about the finance process and how we will invoice you in accordance with your current agreed financial schedule.

How the process works

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After registration lists have been processed, we will draft an invoice in accordance with your current financial schedule. It is therefore important that your registration lists are as accurate as possible.

We will send you the draft invoice, showing a breakdown of charges, to verify and agree the final cost and provide a purchase order number if necessary. Once you have agreed the draft, a final invoice will be produced and sent to you. Invoices should be paid within six weeks of the date of issue. Please let us know if invoices should be sent to a particular staff member or department.

You may also be invoiced for other services and events as specified in your financial schedule. These include validation and periodic review events, staff development and NTU staff attendance at award ceremonies.

Get in touch

For further information and support, please contact CADQ Collaborations and Partnerships by phone on +44 (0)115 848 2100, or email at