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Find out how to submit a registration and what to do in the event of a student withdrawal, interruption or course transfer.

Submitting registrations

All partner students are registered on our records systems to facilitate progression and conferment of awards, and to enable library access where required.

It is important that we maintain accurate student records so that we can track each individual student's progress, make awards, and invoice for the correct number of students each year.

Registrations should detailed using the Registrations Form and submitted to CADQ using the secure portal. For any queries, please contact

Information for other circumstances

Withdrawals and interruptions

To ensure our records are accurate, you should inform us if a student interrupts or withdraws from an NTU validated course for any reason, academic or personal. This can be by completing the change of enrolment status form at the time of the withdrawal, on the conferment list for a fail and withdraw decision made at an examination board, or when sending the registration list. Please use the secure portal to send files containing personal information.

Course transfers

Please identify on the registration list in the comments column if a student transfers from one NTU validated course to another at the beginning of an academic year, or email us if a student transfers during the academic year:

Please note there may be a registration charge for transferring students - see your current financial schedule for details.

Get in touch

For further support with registrations, please contact us by email at