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Contact and Engagement Support

Find out about Contact and Engagement Support and how they can support you on your NTU student journey.

Who are we?

Contact and Engagement Support are an impartial, centralised team. We lend an empathetic, listening ear to all our students.

Skilled in seeking to understand your needs, we have the experience and knowledge required to provide appropriate signposting to specialist support across NTU.

What do we do?

We work closely with the Student Dashboard to understand how best to support you in engaging with your University experience. It may be that you’ll receive an email from us with the subject; ‘Student Engagement Support call in the next few days’. This will be followed by a telephone call from 0115 848 4080. The call is personalised to support your needs and will be followed by an email summarising our call and providing signposting resources reflecting our conversation.

How do we support you?

During our call, we may have a coaching style conversation to help empower your journey and help you make the right decisions going forward. We have the time and space to focus on your needs and provide a personalised support service.

Our aim is to do all we can to support you to have your best possible experience here at NTU.

There's some fear attached to having a face-to-face conversation. But when it's a faceless conversation over the phone, there's something that releases the student’s fear.

Student Contact and Engagement Team Leader