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Access our students

Build a pipeline of fresh talent into your organisation by recruiting our students on placements, internships and projects.

We consistently have a great relationship with NTU and the calibre of students is always high.

Hannah Neal, Debenhams

Employers are continuously impressed by the high calibre, skills and enthusiasm that our students bring to their organisation. Whether it is a work placement, internship or short-term project, our students have helped businesses achieve remarkable things. And, our team are on hand to help you throughout the recruitment process.

Specsavers Placement Student

Reasons to employ our students

Recruiting our students has a number of benefits, including:

  • a cost-effective way to access fresh talent
  • an opportunity to trial potential future employees
  • fresh ideas, new skills and the latest knowledge into your business
  • access to specialist expertise and resources
  • a great way to raise your profile as a prospective graduate employer.

Your recruitment options

  • Sandwich Placements

    Students undertake sandwich placements in their second or third year of study and last a minimum of 36 weeks starting anytime between June and September.

    Hiring for 2020/21 placements

    Students are available to start their 2020/21 placement year from June 2020 to September 2020. Students will be sourcing their placements independently and through opportunities advertised on our jobs portal.

    Please see courses that include sandwich placements.

    For more information and to advertise your placement opportunity, contact our Employability team.

    Postgraduate Course Placements 

    We have now added a placement option to our Nottingham Business School MSc and MBA Postgraduate courses.

    This applies to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students looking for a placement as part of their course.

    Our MBA and MSc students from an accredited school form a  significant pool of talent with diverse work experience and expertise. The two year MBA and MSc courses comprise of a one year study and one year placement, giving you the opportunity to access talent that may not be in the market.

    For one-to-one business support and further information relating to Postgraduate placements, please contact

    More information can be sourced by visiting our FAQ page

  • Short Placements and Internships

    Short placements can last for one week up to 16 weeks.

    They offer employers:

    • extra resource
    • opportunity to complete particular projects
    • source future employees
    • a fresh perspective and new skills.

    For more information and guidance, contact our Employability team.

  • Virtual Internships

    At NTU, we understand that providing in-person internships cannot always be possible, due to insufficient office space or resource. As a result, we are pleased to support the offer of virtual internships, in order for our talent to work within your business.

    A virtual internship takes the form of a work placement that is completed remotely, whereby the student can be based from home. Communication can take place through a range of online methods, for example through Skype, instant messaging or email.

    Offering a virtual internship comes with a number of benefits, including:

    • reaching a larger pool of talent
    • reduced costs
    • increased flexibility.

    For further information on virtual internships and how they could benefit your business, please contact

  • Temporary and Part-Time Vacancies

    If you would like to recruit a student on a temporary or part-time basis, you can advertise online to over 26,000 NTU students.

    To talk to us about recruiting a student, or to advertise your vacancy, email us.

  • Academic-led Projects

    Students work under the guidance of academics to help solve your particular business challenge, giving you the following benefits:

    • a  solution to your current issue
    • the expertise of our academics through guided student support
    • the opportunity to trial students and provide them with invaluable experience

    For more information and guidance on academic-led projects, contact our Employability team.

I found NTU very easy and efficient and lovely to work with - definitely a brilliant university.

Kate O'Hagan, Geda Construction

On campus activity

There are a number of different ways to raise the profile of your organisation, promote your recruitment opportunities and engage with our students on campus.

  • Employer presentations

    Presentations are an ideal way to tell students about available placement and graduate opportunities, and give an insight into your recruitment process. You can choose to present on one of our three campuses or via webinar. The benefits of presenting to our students include:

    • meeting a target audience face-to-face and answering their questions
    • increased brand awareness
    • sharing your company vision, culture and values
    • promoting the opportunities available and the skills required
    • increasing application quality by helping students understand your recruitment processes

  • Pop-up stands

    Promote your company with a pop-up stand in high footfall locations across our three campuses.

    Pop-up stands are a great way to interact with students at any time of the year and, unlike careers fairs, you don’t have to compete with other companies for students’ attention.

  • Mock interviews and assessments

    Mock interviews and assessments are great for both students and businesses. Not only do you help students prepare for future job applications, you also get the opportunity to spot which students could be your next employee.

  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

    We have a number of sponsorship opportunities. You could place an advert in one of our job fair guides, or you could sponsor a student on campus as a brand ambassador.

Off Campus Activity

We understand that businesses are becoming more flexible with their working practices and digital engagement processes. With this in mind, there are fantastic opportunities to connect with our talent virtually.

  • Virtual Presentations

    A Virtual Presentation gives employers the flexibility to provide their session interactively to suit their needs. Presentations can be live or pre-recorded and can include a Q&A, polls and more. Businesses can select whether to join one of our pre-existing initiatives, such as our Recruiter Insights or Webinar Wednesday series, or provide their stand-alone webinar. A member of the NTU employability team will be on hand to facilitate all sessions.

  • Virtual Mock Assessment Centre

    A Virtual Mock Assessment Centre (MAC) gives you the opportunity to conduct a tailored session to include psychometric testing, group exercises and more. These sessions can either be bespoke or stand-alone, to sit within our nine specific MAC dates throughout the academic year, or on a date of your choosing,

Our International Students

There are a number of options open to employers looking to recruit overseas talent.

Please visit our page dedicated to international student recruitment to learn more on how to engage with our scholars from outside of the UK.

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