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Employ our graduates

We have over 8,000 talented students graduating each year. Find out how to recruit them.

A great investment for your business

We have a strong reputation for producing graduates who are full of ambition and have the practical and technical skills that employers want.

Recruiting a graduate is easy, and our team of experts are on hand to offer advice, tailored solutions and help finding the right graduate talent for your business.

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Employability Online is our free online jobs portal where you can create an employer profile and upload full-time and part-time opportunities.

With over 30,000 students and 8,000 new graduates each year, you can promote your vacancies to students from many different disciplines, all offering new ideas, energy and benefits to your business.

Create a profile and upload your vacancies on Employability Online now.

Graduate and employee

What our graduates will bring to your business

NTU graduates bring a range of benefits to your business, including:

  • extra resource
  • fresh ideas and a new perspective
  • the latest skills and knowledge
  • a cost-effective talent solution.
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Graduate Internships

Graduate internships are an easy and economical way to get talent into your business and offer you:

  • experience working with a graduate
  • a chance to ‘trial’ future employees
  • extra resource for a specific project.

Small and medium businesses are also able to gain funding support towards a graduate salary.

Our annual Graduate Internship Scheme gives businesses from any sector in the UK, the opportunity to take on NTU talent for a fully-funded, six-week placement. Possessing the latest skills and knowledge, our talented graduates will be matched to suit the needs of your team, bringing fresh ideas and extra resources to help grow your organisation. Simultaneously, participating businesses will play a fundamental part in providing experience to some of our unemployed or underemployed graduates.

Graduates are available from a full range of courses and can complete an internship within your organisation in-house or remotely.

Engaging with the university on these types of short internships has been hugely beneficial. It has not only allowed Diversity to “try before you buy”, but also helped lessen the gamble of hiring someone without as much industry experience.

Read the full article with Diversity Creative Agency here.

To find out how you can take part in the next Graduate Internship Scheme and access the NTU talent pipeline, please contact

Opus International Consultants
Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) enable businesses to bring in new skills and expertise to a project on a fixed-term basis

A KTP involves three partners:

  • your business (providing it has a UK base)
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • a graduate (Associate)

Projects last 12-36 months, during which we will help you to apply for funding, manage programme administration and source and recruit the right graduate. A KTP project can lead to significant increase in profitability for business partners as a direct result of the partnership. Find out more today.

Tailored recruitment support

Our Employabiity team provides information, advice and guidance both before and during your recruitment process.

Whether you are looking to fill a permanent role, want to offer an internship, or require a graduate with a specific skillset, we can help you.

Simply get in touch and discuss your graduate talent needs.

NTU provided great support in hiring a graduate. The graduate provided valuable ideas, insight and a drive to produce a great result. I would recommend NTU to any employer.

Dave Hawthorn, Independent Buyers

On campus activity

There are a number of different ways to raise the profile of your organisation on campus, promote your recruitment opportunities and engage with our graduates:

  • Employer presentations

    Presentations are an ideal way to tell students about available placement and graduate opportunities, and give an insight into your recruitment process. You can choose to present on one of our three campuses or via webinar. The benefits of presenting to our students include:

    • meeting a target audience face-to-face and answering their questions
    • increased brand awareness
    • sharing your company vision, culture and values
    • promoting the opportunities available and the skills required
    • increasing application quality by helping students understand your recruitment processes

  • Pop-up stands

    Promote your company with a pop-up stand in high footfall locations across our three campuses.

    Pop-up stands are a great way to interact with students at any time of the year and, unlike careers fairs, you don’t have to compete with other companies for students’ attention.

  • Mock interviews and assessments

    Mock interviews and assessments are great for both students and businesses. Not only do you help students prepare for future job applications, you also get the opportunity to spot which students could be your next employee.

  • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

    We have a number of sponsorship opportunities. You could place an advert in one of our job fair guides, or you could sponsor a student on campus as a brand ambassador.

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