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Developing new products and services

We can provide you with the skills, expertise and technology to help your business develop new products and services, from start to finish.

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Our business experts will advise you on a strategy to help you with your new product or service, and provide access to a range of services, including

  • brand development
  • prototype development
  • product testing
  • access to academic expertise
  • funding advice
  • IP protection.
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Impacting Business By Design

Impacting Business by Design (IBbD) is a Research England funded initiative to support businesses with the commercialisation of their design innovation activities. The IBbD project has been set up to specifically address government objectives of improving business productivity and competitiveness by transforming their ability to commercialise design innovation and bring new products to market. Find out more about IBbD

Supporting OFFUNDO Ltd

OFFUNDO Limited gained access to facilities and expertise to develop their product through 3D printing.

OFFUNDO Limited approached NTU looking for help to develop their innovative butter spreading product for the commercial market. NTU helped the company transform their product from stainless steel to plastic.

After remodelling 2-part stainless steel product to suit plastic production, a 3D printed prototype was made. The plastic parts are lighter in weight, dishwasher-proof and food-safe whilst retaining their strength. With the new prototype, the company realised their product could be commercially produced using 3D printing. The product became viable by dispensing with prohibitive tooling costs which reduced the production cost by 88% when compared to its metal predecessor.

Read more about OFFUNDO Limited.

The Enabling Innovation programme has provided us with a vast talent pool, access to specialist facilities and technologies that would have been beyond our reach as a small entrepreneurial business. The experience and knowledge that we have been able to tap into across the programme is enabling us to move the business forward with more confidence in our abilities.
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Innovation events for SMEs

We hold workshops and events tailored to suit the needs of SMEs who are looking to develop new products and services. Topics covered include:

  • creating new products
  • brainstorming new services
  • protecting Intellectual Property

Workshops and events are available to eligible SMEs in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

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