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New Hall

Meet the New Hall Residence Assistants

Amber Eadie

Hi! My name is Amber, I’ve been an RA for two years now, and I’m a Sport Science student here. My job as a Senior RA, is to offer pastoral care to all students and fellow RAs, ranging from anything serious to feeing homesick.

In my spare time, I work as a mixologist, but I enjoy playing video games, dying my hair crazy colours and drawing (usually for my tattoo ideas). I also enjoy being active, I used to compete internationally as an Ice Skater, but now I just stick to the gym. Never be afraid to contact one of us, we have been in your shoes and are here to help you.

Chloe Morris

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a 2nd year student on the Childhood (SENI) course. I am part of NTU's concert and big band.

I live in Nottinghamshire and am happy to answer any questions you may have about the city, living away from home or any other questions you may have. If you see me round campus feel free to come and say hello, I am always up for a chat.

Natalie Hill

Hi, I’m Natalie, New Hall Resident Assistant. I am a third-year student studying BA (Hons) English, and I also work as a Bank Care Assistant out of term. When I get some spare time, I enjoy Roleplaying fandoms such as Harry Potter and Pokemon with my friends, listening to music and scrolling YouTube and Pinterest for Creative Writing Inspiration. I have also been ticking things off my bucket list, and some of the things I have done so far include visiting the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tours in London, visiting Cornwall and finally getting around to reading Bram Stokers’ Dracula.

My role as a Resident Assistant is to support you during your time living in New Hall accommodation. I’ll do this by working with the accommodation and RA team to create relaxing, stress-relieving and exciting activities to help you settle into University life and balance studies with social events. As a Resident Assistant, we aim to create and provide a safe and relaxed environment for all students to enjoy University life, study and enjoy time with friends. Therefore, you can also come to me to have a chat about any problems you may be having such as homesickness, study struggles, housemate issues etc.

Rhys Hume

I'm Rhys a Residence Assistant for New Hall. I am here if you or any of your friends need any form of assistance or support during this year. I also take part in different RA led events and clubs which people can tag along for anytime! Feel free to come talk to any of the RA's at any time or call our number if you need help or support with anything from an emergency to if you just need someone to talk to.

My hobbies are gaming and running. In the future I want to attend game events or music festivals as I have yet to do so!

Isabelle Aubrey

Hi, I’m Isabelle and I’m a second year biosciences student. This is my first year being an RA, I lived in New Hall last year and loved it and am really excited to get to be here for a second year too. Feel free to come and chat if you need anything at all!

Becky Smith

Hi I am Becky. I am a third year mathematics student and you can ask me questions if you need help with anything.

I enjoy reading, baking and a good cup of coffee. If you see any of us around feel free to say hi. I hope you all enjoy your time with us.

Bradley Gough

Hello There! I'm Brad a second Year student of Computer Science (Games tech), I am a bit of a nerd.

Just a year ago I was in your position so I know how it can feel moving to uni for the first time. I will happily have a chat or answer any questions you may have, just say hi.