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How to book: Your step-by-step guide

Step one: Look at your options

Browse our accommodation pages to find out about all the different residences, as well as our images and videos.

For students studying at the University for one semester only, take a look at our flexible accommodation options.

Step two: Make a short list of your favourites

It's a good idea to pick out a few different options as our most popular residences get booked up quickly.

Step three: Get your password

You'll need a password for your NTU ID before you can book your accommodation.

To get your NTU ID password you need to have confirmed NTU as your first choice on UCAS Track. Doing this will generate an NTU ID that you will receive within 2 working days of accepting us.

Then you will need to visit the My Password page and enter your NTU ID. You will be prompted to create your own password and then you will be able to start booking your accommodation.

Step four: Book online

You can now book online.

Choose the residence, flat and room you like using our online booking system. When you're happy with your choice, check all the details, then click 'Pay'.

When you make your booking you'll be required to set up a payment plan – this means you’ll confirm which bank account or card you plan to use to play your accommodation fees. You can find more information about this booking fee, and our cancellation policy on our Guide to accommodation page.

Step five: Accept your accommodation and set up your payments

To complete your booking you'll need to accept our terms and conditions and set up a payment plan. You'll either do this when you book if you have an unconditional offer, or when you get your results if your offer is conditional. Find out more about this in the Guide to accommodation page.

Step six: Move in!

You'll be able to move into your accommodation from September. You'll receive more detailed arrival information when you're completing your booking, by email and on our accommodation welcome site in the weeks before your arrival.

In order to get your login details and make a booking, you’ll need to have confirmed NTU as your first choice, at least two working days beforehand.

Nottingham Trent students in kitchen

Securing your preferred choice

To get your login details, NTU has to be your first choice with UCAS. You’ll need to confirm this at least two working days beforehand, in order to log in. Don’t put it off – get organised as soon as possible, for the best chance of securing your preferred accommodation.

For students studying at the University for one semester only, take a look at our Flexible Accommodation.

Our accommodation booking system is now open. You'll need to confirm NTU as your first choice on UCAS track in order to be eligible to book.

Our accommodation

Click on the links below to view the profiles of our residences. Enter your login details, and you can then confirm your choice on the booking screens.

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