International students

It's important to research where you're going to live as early as you can - you'll find everything you need on this page. And our accommodation team are happy to help and advise - find their contact details here.

Researching your options

All of our accommodation is modern, safe, and conveniently located.

We have housing options to suit any budget - whether you want a University-allocated property, or you plan to rent privately.

Our Accommodation team has lots of experience in helping international students, so please contact them for advice.

Start your research as soon as possible - think about how you like to live, and what you’ll be comfortable with.

  • Are you a social person, or do you prefer peace and quiet? You could share a place with other students, or live on your own.
  • Do you want your own en-suite bathroom, or are you happy to share with others? Shared facilities are often cheaper, but you might want some privacy.
  • Maybe you’d consider living with a family in Nottingham? Through our Homestay scheme, you could get to know your new city with the help of the locals!
  • What is your budget like? Be realistic about what you can afford, and the length of contract you should commit to.

You'll find all the details — and other important things to consider — in our accommodation guide.

We strongly advise you to book some form of accommodation before you travel. Many students prefer to view accommodation before signing a contract, and if you want to do this please make sure you have temporary accommodation (such as a hotel) booked in Nottingham prior to travelling. This is very important if you are arriving in September/October when Nottingham is very busy with new arrivals. You can find information on hotels and help with booking here.

Guaranteed accommodation

We can guarantee international students a place in University-allocated accommodation if:

  • you've accepted a place on a full-time course
  • you've made us your first choice university

If this is the case, you can choose to stay in any of our residences. This could be a University-owned hall of residence, a hall of residence run by our partner providers or private companies, or accredited shared housing. Sandby Hall (on the City Campus) is very popular with our International students, for example.

Our accommodation booking system is now open to all offer holders.

Sandby Hall bedroom
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Sandby Hall bedroom

How to book

Contracts for NTU halls of residence run throughout the academic year, and include the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Our online booking system is open and please follow our step-by-step guide on how to book online.

On the system you can choose the exact residence, flat and room you would like.

To reserve your place, you must have enough money to book your accommodation online, using a credit or debit card. If you don't have these you can pay by bank transfer, but you need to contact Student Accommodation Services in advance to do this.

Remember that you won’t be able to open a bank account until you actually arrive in the UK, and the transfer of money may then take a few weeks.

“We can offer flexible accommodation contracts – perfect if you're a Pre-sessional English (PEAP) or exchange student, or starting a Masters course in January.”

Shorter-term, private housing and flexible contracts

  • Private accommodation

    Nottingham is a big student city, and has plenty of private accommodation.

    Some of our international students choose private halls of residence or to rent out a house or apartment with friends.

    The University has its own lettings agency — Trent Lets — which offers accommodation and advice. It also maintains the quality of these properties, to ensure that they all meet UNIPOL's strict health and safety requirements.

    You can find out more about this on our private sector accommodation pages.

  • Flexible contracts

    We understand that you need accommodation to suit your circumstances. We have a number of rooms in University accommodation available on a more flexible contract for students on full-time non-standard courses (for example, PEAP, Masters courses with a January start, exchange and study abroad courses).

    All contracts are for en-suite rooms on our City Campus Sandby residence. For more information, visit our page on flexible accommodation options.

  • Homestay

    If you’re looking for short-term accommodation, you might be interested in Homestay.

    We’ll place you with a host family — you’ll then have your own room, and access to other facilities in the house.

    There are catered or self-catered options, and you can agree the length of your stay before you move in. Also, a short termination period of one week will mean you won’t be stuck with a lengthy contract.

    This makes Homestay an excellent option for many ERASMUS, exchange and PEAP students.

    Homestay costs £120 per week for the catered service.

    You’ll pay a £100 administration charge to NTU once a room has been allocated to you.

    The catered service means that the host family will provide you with breakfast and dinner seven days a week and also with a lunch on a Saturday and Sunday. Under the self-catered service the host will allow you to use the kitchen facilities to prepare your own meals.

    If you’d like to stay in Homestay accommodation, please fill out an application form. This will then be submitted to the Accommodation team. Once they have processed it, they’ll contact you directly.

    If you’re a landlord wishing to register with NTU to become a host, you’ll need to fill out the host application form.

  • Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts

    Because of its history, large student community and location in the middle of England, Nottingham is a very popular city for visitors. If your friends and family want to come and visit you — during Graduation, for example — there are plenty of accommodation options available to them. Nottingham has a huge range of hotels to suit every budget. It also has lots of Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs), which are a very popular option in Britain, and often cheaper than hotels.

    If your friends and family want to come and visit you during your time at NTU, Visit Nottinghamshire Trip Advisor and Airbnb are great ways of finding a convenient, affordable place to stay.

Still need help?

Student Accommodation Services
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