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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within Early Childhood and Education (Online)

  • Level(s) of Study: Short course
  • Course Fee:

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  • Start Date(s): TBC
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Study Mode(s): Short course
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What you’ll study

The online module provides you with training that addresses structural inequality, equity, diversity and inclusion. The module’s main aim is to provide training that will support practitioners to eradicate barriers that inhibit access to equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups (persons from the non-majority populace, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA persons and other marginalised persons).

On completion of this module you be able to reflect on your own and that of the setting that you are employed for, to identify the barriers that impede equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups and the remedial actions that will support improvements.


To enable students to:

  • Reflect on a setting’s current practice regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the barriers that inhibit equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups;
  • Identify remedial actions to inform strategic action planning that support improvements in providing opportunities for underrepresented groups.

The module will include and consider the following:

  • Environment/workplace free from discrimination;
  • Removing systemic barriers to inclusion;
  • Cultivating a culture that respects and promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice;
  • Opening discussions around equity, diversity and inclusion through the creation of safe spaces and clear guidelines;
  • Exploring anti-oppressive practices, frameworks and pedagogy;
  • To identify how marginalisation impacts personal experience through the eyes of the oppressed;
  • Laws governing equity, human rights and social justice.

Staff Profiles

Mr Aaron Bradbury

Principal Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Aaron Bradbury, Principal Lecturer Early Childhood

Campus and facilities

How to apply

Check out the schedule and book your place via our online store.

Check out the schedule and book your place via our online store.