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Funding and loans for US students

It’s important that you are able to fund your studies and we’re here to support you. Learn the processes for applying for loans and whether they are suitable for you.

If you would like to speak with an advisor, please contact Student Financial Support Services

Direct and private loans

Get advice and guidance on subsidised, unsubsidised loans and private loans, as well as repayment conditions and how to apply.

US federal student aid

How to apply for US federal student aid and range of courses that qualify for funding.

Funding for veterans

Funding available through the Department of Veterans Affairs, the range of courses accepted and how to apply.

Payment of your loan

How you will receive your loan, instalment payment dates and requirements for you to continue to receive funding.

Consumer information and terms

Guidance on NTU’s student charter, loan terms and various funding and data protection policies.

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