How and when to pay your fees

You’ll find advice on how to make secure payments to the University on this page, including instalment plans and guidance on opening a UK bank account.

When to pay your fees

You'll need to pay your tuition fees in full – or have arranged an instalment agreement to pay the rest of your fees – before the start date of your course. This is very important - if you don’t do this you won’t be able to fully enrol on your course.

Your course start dates are on your offer letter and published in your course induction information.

When to pay your advanced payment

If you’re an international (non-EEA) student you’ll need to make an advanced payment (deposit) of £3,000 which we will deduct from your tuition fee.

You'll need to pay this to meet the conditions of your offer so that we can make your offer unconditional and issue your CAS statement for your visa application.

Please pay your advanced payment when you’ve accepted your offer to study with us.

You can make your advanced payment through our online store using a valid credit/debit card or through GlobalPay.

How to make payments

We recommend GlobalPay (Western Union) as it's the most flexible, however there are other payment methods available:

You can make a direct bank transfer to the University although we don’t generally recommend this method of payment. If you would like help or advice on this please contact the International Development Office.

There is more information on each of these payment methods below.

Paying your fees by GlobalPay bank transfer

‌‌‌Nottingham Trent University’s bank transfer platform for international students  – GlobalPay – is provided by our partner Western Union Business Solutions.

This service offers you and your family the opportunity to securely send transfers for payment of tuition and/or accommodation fees in your local currency.

Payment is available in 37 currencies.

How to use GlobalPay

  • simply select the country you are paying from, what are you paying and the amount
  • choose your preferred method of payment
  • enter your contact details and NTU student ID number. Your NTU student ID number will be linked to the payment reference shown on the transfer instructions. The payer’s bank quotes this payment reference so that Western Union Business Solutions and the University can easily identify your payment
  • you’ll be given a quote immediately for the amount in your local currency
  • If you chose to pay by bank transfer, the quote is guaranteed for 72 hours
  • during this time you must instruct your bank either online, via phone or in person to transfer funds to Western Union Business Solutions
  • they will then forward the sterling payment to Nottingham Trent University
  • Western Union will send you a confirmation email when the payment has been made.

Benefits to you of using GlobalPay

  • generally favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • exchange rates are held for 72 hours giving you full visibility of final payment amount in your local currency
  • no transaction charges
  • reduced bank charges because transfer is initiated locally
  • peace of mind that we will receive your payment in full.
  • Track your payment step by step
  • Wide choice of payment methods including AliPay, TenPay, UnionPay, Trustly, Sofort, Poli etc.

Make a GlobalPay payment now

Paying your fees by credit or debit card

You can pay your fees in full by credit/debit card on our online payment system or by calling our Finance team on +44 (0)115 848 6500.

Please note that you can't use this online system to pay your advanced payment, this can only be paid by GlobalPay (Western Union) or on our online store.

How to pay in instalments

You can arrange to pay your fees in instalments. This will need to be set up before you can fully enrol on your course.

You should set up your instalment plan before you arrive in the UK. You can do this using a valid credit or debit card. The University will accept payment in sterling only from the following cards.

Accepted bank cards

To set up your instalment plan online, please visit the NTU online payment system.

When you arrive and open a UK bank account you can then change the payment details on your instalment plan as necessary.

If you need to open a UK bank account, here's what to do:

  • compare local bank accounts and decide which is going to be best for you
  • visit your Academic School office and request a 'letter of introduction for UK banking facilities' which confirms your UK address and course before going to the bank to open your account.

If you need help with this, please email our Finance team or visit our Finance Office based on your campus.

You can also get help and support on all financial matters from our International Student Support team.

Paying your fees by direct bank transfer

We do not generally recommend this method of payment however if you intend to use it please be aware that it can take up to 10 working days for the money to be processed.

If you'd like advice on whether or not this is the best method of payment for you please contact the International Development Office.

  • Making a direct bank transfer to NTU

    Nottingham Trent University bank details

    National Westminster Bank PLC Nottingham City Branch
    Unit 27 Victoria Centre
    NG1 3QD

    Title: Nottingham Trent University

    Account number: 96974893

    Sort code: 608009

    Iban number: GB63 NWBK 6080 0996 9748 93

    Swift code: NWBK GB2L

    When organising your bank transfer please:

    • ask the bank to state your NTU student ID number with the transfer because we use this to identify your payment when it reaches us
    • make sure your bank completes a receipt / document / copy of your transfer for you.

    When your transfer has been made, please email us a copy of the transfer if possible, and the following information:

    • my full name is...
    • the title of my course is…
    • my NTU student ID number is N...or T...
    • the name of the payer is...
    • relationship to student if not the student... (father / aunt etc.)
    • I have made a payment of £...
    • this money is for... (please state each item if paying for more than one)
    • the payment was made at... (name and branch / location of bank)
    • the payment was made at... (time) on... (date)

Making payments towards your accommodation as part of your Tier 4 visa

If you're applying for a Tier 4 visa you can make additional payments towards accommodation that we will declare on your CAS statement.

You can do this using GlobalPay (Western Union).  Please note that you must accept your offer, pay your advanced payment and meet all your conditions before you can make these additional payments.

The maximum amount the UKVI will take into consideration for accommodation payments is £1,265.00.

Payments for accommodation booking fees (which become the damage deposits after key collection) are not included in the 'accommodation fees paid' on your CAS as they are not considered to be part of the fee.

Sponsored students

If you’re being sponsored your sponsor will need to supply an official letter to us so that we can issue them with an invoice for your fees.

Please visit the Finance web pages for full information about sponsored students.

More information

If you need more information, help or support with making a payment to the University please contact the Finance team or the International Development Office.

Still need help?

International Development Office
+44 (0)115 848 8175