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Support and Message Boards

From help with bookings to support settling in at NTU, our Student Accommodation Services team is here to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

Our service guarantee

Helping our students is at the heart of everything we do – that's why we’ve developed a Customer Service Charter and professional standards guidelines as the foundations of our award-winning service.

We’re proud to have been awarded the government standard in Customer Service Excellence. If you would like more information about this, or would like more details about our Customer Service Charter and professional standards, please email us.

Booking cancellation requests

If you wish to cancel an accommodation booking, please use our cancellation booking form.

Room swap requests

If you are unhappy with the NTU accommodation you have booked, we allow one swap over the summer prior to arrival. The deadline for swapping your accommodation is the Friday before A-level results day (Friday 6 August 2021). This is subject to availability.

Between A-level results day and student arrivals in September we do not allow any swaps – we need to focus our resources on students who don’t have any accommodation. Many students settle quickly, even if the accommodation was not their first choice. However, if you are still unhappy after arrival, we run a swap list and a message board where students can find their own swaps. We charge £30 per student for any contract changes after arrivals.

NTU accommodation message boards

From meeting your future flatmates to finding out about accommodation around Nottingham, our message boards are a great way to connect with your fellow students.

You can access our accommodation message boards here.

Making a complaint

Our complaints policy is in line with the University-wide policies that can be found here.

Complaints procedure for residents

This information is published in the back of the following handbooks given to students when they move into their accommodation:

If you would like to make a complaint about a local resident's behaviour, such as anti-social activity or parking issues, you can find out who to contact on our NTU in the Community page.

Complaints relating to booking or pre-arrival

We ask that complaints be put into writing so we can better understand the concerns. We are happy to respond to complaints by letter or email.

If the complaint relates to an accommodation booking / contract, we would normally ask that the complaint is made by the applicant / student. If a family member wishes to handle the complaint, we would ask that the applicant / student confirm that they are happy for us to correspond with a named individual. This written permission should include the name of the person(s) we have permission to discuss their information with. The written permission can be:

  • a letter, including their NTU ID or UCAS Personal ID
  • an email from their NTU email account
  • an email from the private email account we hold on our records, including their NTU ID number or UCAS Personal ID and room number (if available).

We will respond to complaints within five working days and will look into the issue in more detail if we cannot resolve a complaint straight away. We will try to provide a full reply, but if this is not possible at this time, an acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent.

Within ten working days we will have fully investigated the complaint and sent a written response where we have hopefully resolved the situation. If we are waiting for third party information (e.g. from the police) then we may take longer to complete an investigation. We will make sure you receive an update after ten days.

If your complaint has not been resolved

If the student has any further queries or concerns they will be advised to contact the Head of Accommodation directly.

Contact us

You can contact the NTU Student Accommodation Services team by email or phone on +44 (0)115 848 2894.

We are based in the Dryden building on the City Campus.

Our postal address is:

Student Accommodation Services
Shakespeare Street

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