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From help with bookings to support settling in at NTU, our Student Accommodation Services team is here to offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

Our service guarantee

Helping our students is at the heart of everything we do – that's why we’ve developed a Customer Service Charter and professional standards guidelines as the foundations of our service.

If you would like more details about our Customer Service Charter and professional standards, please email us.

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NTU accommodation message boards

From meeting your future flatmates to finding out about accommodation around Nottingham, our message boards are a great way to connect with your fellow students.

Access our accommodation message boards

Room swap requests

Many students settle into their accommodation happily, even if the room or hall wasn’t quite what they wanted to book originally.

However, if you aren’t completely happy with your NTU/UPP accommodation, we offer a room swap service. You can request a room swap and look for matches with other students through the online accommodation portal. Our online message board is also helpful to find other students to swap rooms with.

Student Accommodation Services reviews swap requests to ensure that they are a suitable match for other residents in a flat/house. Room swaps are subject to availability and after the contract start date has passed there is a £30 admin fee.

Booking cancellation requests

See our Accommodation Guide FAQs for information about what happens if you want to cancel your accommodation booking.

If your cancellation relates to the 2023/24 academic year and you still have access via your student login, please request to cancel your booking via the online accommodation portal.

For all other requests please email

Complaints and Release Criteria

Our complaints policy is in line with the University-wide policies that can be found here.

If you would like to make a complaint about a local resident's behaviour, such as anti-social activity or parking issues, you can find out who to contact on our NTU in the Community page.

This criteria sets out when NTU students may be considered for release from their accommodation contract after the cancellation deadline has passed.

If a student wishes to be released from their accommodation contract they must submit a formal request in writing by email to This email should include any supporting evidence or to state when supporting evidence should be expected. A request without supporting evidence will not normally be considered.

Each request is judged on the individual circumstances of the student and relevant evidence must be provided at the point of request, or as soon as possible thereafter. Requests for release must be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after departure from their accommodation. Requests made after this time will not be considered. Students must demonstrate they meet all four of the following criteria and the property must be vacated, cleared of all possessions and the keys must be returned to the University by the agreed release date:

1. There has been a change in circumstance that happened after the cancellation deadline (which is 21 days before the start of the contract). An ongoing condition (or a return of a previous condition) that a student knew about before they started university would not normally be considered.

2. The change of circumstance is very serious. Examples might include life threatening conditions where the student is in hospital or an unexpected immediate family bereavement.

3. That where possible the University/accommodation provider has been given a reasonable chance to resolve the situation (e.g. if there was a problem in the accommodation it had been reported via appropriate channels and there had been reasonable time for a response).

4. The student has no option but to leave university completely.

If the complaint relates to an accommodation booking or lived experience in halls, we usually ask for it to be made by the student themselves. If a family member wishes to handle the complaint, we will need written confirmation that the student gives consent for us to discuss their information with the named individual. This can be:

  • by nominating a contact on your UCAS/NTU application
  • an email from their NTU email account
  • an email from the private email account on our records, including their NTU ID number or UCAS Personal ID

Before moving in

We ask that all complaints are put into writing. Please use the Feedback option in the Accommodation portal to submit positive or negative feedback, or make an informal complaint. Using our online forms will help us understand your concerns and the resolution you are seeking.

After moving in

To help our colleagues address your concerns quickly and effectively, please contact your residence team first if you have a complaint relating to your experience living in the accommodation. This includes any issues with maintenance, cleaning, or staff in the accommodation. We recommend that you put any concerns in writing.

If you live in a UPP residence, you should speak to your on-site residence team and follow the complaints procedure set out in the Residence Handbook (UPP). This includes Blenheim, Byron, Gill Street North, Gill Street South, Hampden, Meridian Court, New Hall, Norton Court, Peverell, Sandby, Simpsons and The Maltings.

If you live in College Drive, Bramley Cottages or on Brackenhurst Campus and are having issues with your accommodation, please contact a member of the Accommodation Team based on Brackenhurst Campus in the first instance.

If your complaint relates to NTU accommodation services or you are not satisfied with the outcome after speaking with your residence team, please use the Feedback option in the Accommodation portal.


If you are not satisfied with any part of our service or we have made a mistake, it's important that you let us know as soon as possible, but within 60 working days of the cause for concern.

We aim to acknowledge complaints within five working days and will investigate your concerns if we cannot provide a full reply straight away. Within 20 working days, we will have fully investigated the complaint and sent a written response where we have hopefully resolved the situation. If we are waiting for third-party information (eg. from the police) or further evidence, we may take longer to complete an investigation. We will make sure you are updated so you know when you can expect a response.

More information about NTU Complaints Procedures can be found in the complaints section on StudentHub.

If you are dissatisfied with a response to a complaint then you may wish to escalate it further.

University complaints

If your complaint relates to the accommodation booking process, your contract Terms and Conditions, accommodation contract release requests, or issues related to living at Bramley Cottage, Brackenhurst campus, or College Drive at Clifton, then you can submit a Level One complaints form via the Feedback option in the Accommodation portal.

If you have already submitted a Level One complaints form then the outcome letter for this will explain the process for submitting a Level Two complaint.

UPP complaints

If your complaint relates to issues experienced while living in a UPP residence (Blenheim, Byron, Gill Street North, Gill Street South, Hampden, Meridian Court, New Hall, Norton Court, Peverell, Sandby, Simpsons, or The Maltings), then you should contact the residence office for details on escalating your complaint. Contact details for the residence office are set out in the Residence Handbook (UPP).

Visit us

Want to talk to us face-to-face? We offer an accommodation service for all. Meet our team at the Accommodation Hub, now open 5 days a week for a more personalised service. We can provide guidance on anything related to student accommodation, from bookings with NTU to PBSA in the private sector.

You can find us on Goldsmith Street, City campus. We are open:

  • Monday - Thursday 9.30 am - 12 pm, 1 pm - 4.30 pm
  • Friday 9.30 am - 12 pm, 12.30 pm - 4 pm

Contact us

You can contact the NTU Student Accommodation Services team by email or phone on +44 (0)115 848 2894.

Lines are open:

  • Monday - Thursday  9.30 am -  4.30 pm
  • Friday  9.30 am  -  4 pm

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