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The following resources will help you to assess and develop your understanding of basic numeracy, maths and statistical skills. All the resources below have been quality checked by NTU. They have been selected to meet the needs of most students but please talk to your Personal Tutor if you have any concerns about your particular needs.

Basic Arithmetic and Numeracy Tests

These resources will help you to prepare for numerical reasoning tests used as part of the recrutment process by many employers.

National Numeracy Challlenge

BBC BiteSize

Learning Everyday Math (LinkedIn Learning)

The numeracy professional skills test for teachers (official government site)

NTU Essentials of Numeracy Workshop

Fractions, Percentages and Ratios

More help with a topic that comes up a lot in numeracy tests.

NTU Fractions Workshop

NTU percentages workshop

Fractions playlist (LinkedIn Learning)

Percentages playlist (LinkedIn Learning)


Using letters to represent numbers and methods for solving and rearranging  equations.

NTU Algebra Basics Workshop

NTU Working With Formulae Workshop

Learning Algebra: Solving Equations (LinkedIn Learning)

Khan Academy

Simple Functions and Graphs

It is important to be able to pot and interpret mathematical graphs.

Functions and their Graphs

Khan Academy - Functions

What is a Function?

The Graph of a Function

Integration and Differentiation

Also known as Calculus. Basic Calculus is important for many subjects in areas including business, science and engineering.

NTU Differentiation Workshop

NTU Integration Workshop

HELM Workbooks

Calculus (LinkedIn Learning)

Calculus 1 (Khan Academy)


Calculations involving angles and triangles. Use of the sine, cosine and tangent functions.

NTU wokshop - Trigonometry 1: Right-Angled Triangles

NTU workshop: Trigonometry 2: Sine and Cosine Rules

HELM Workbooks

Introduction to Trigonometric Functions


What are logarithms, when are they used and whar are the 'laws of logarithms'?

NTU Logarithms Workshop

HELM Workbooks

Introduction to Exponents and Logarithms

What is a Logarithm?

The Laws of Logarithms

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