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Referencing is required across all disciplines to provide evidence of the breadth of your research, and may be included in your assessment criteria. There are a number of methods of citing and referencing sources used at NTU. You should follow any guidance given to you in your course or module handbooks for the preferred style for your particular course.

NTU Library Harvard

Harvard referencing is one of the styles of citing and referencing used at NTU.

If you are unsure which style your course uses, check in the module information on NOW.

Citing references: a guide to NTU Library Harvard style.

Quick start guide to Harvard referencing.

Reference your way to first class academic writing.

Hands-on Harvard referencing workshop.


APA is a Harvard style of referencing used by Psychology and Sports Science students at NTU.

There are some differences with NTU Harvard, e.g. the use of multiple authors in references and citations.

Hands on APA Referencing

APA Guide from Taylor and Francis

Using American Psychological Association (APA) Style

APA Style Reference Examples


MHRA is the Modern Humanities Research Association's referencing style and is used widely within modern humanities subject areas.

MHRA style guide

NTU History Style

NTU  History style is the referencing style designed and used by the NTU history  department.

Citing references: Guide to NTU history style

Integrating sources into academic writing

A key part of academic writing is to provide evidence to support your discussions and you do this by citing and referencing your sources.

Reference your way to first class academic writing.

Example of an essay showing how (Harvard) referencing is used [can be used in conjuncion with library workshop on Reference your way to first class acdemic writing.

How to effectively integrate resources in to your writing.

Guidance in the Academic Phrasebank on referring to sources.


RefWorks is the reference management software available for NTU students and researchers.

It will help you to gather, manage, store and share bibliographic information, as well as generates reference lists.

RefWorks guide.

Library workshop on using RefWorks.  

Online help pages from ProQuest on using RefWorks.

RefWorks tutorials from ProQuest (YouTube channel).

When to cite-quick self assessment tool

This quick, two minute, online self assessment tool tests your awareness of when, and when not, to add citations to your work.

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