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Our research

Our centre is unique with expert scientists from four different disciplines, all working closely together to crack the cancer code.

Meet the Scientists: Graham Pockley on his work and experiences of cancer
The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre is a unique purpose-built scientific facility in the East Midlands. Our aim is to save lives and speed recovery by improving the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In this video Professor Graham Pockley talks about his work with the centre and his experiences of cancer.

We have a world class team of research scientists collaborating across four different disciplines within the centre. They have been chosen for their skills and expertise and will be here for as long it takes us to make a difference.

We work closely with clinicians and patient groups across the region.

We have some impressive international research partnerships with other established cancer research institutions in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Far East.

Our scientists are using cutting-edge technologies and equipment to:

  • discover the genetic basis of the disease and how cancer works, and
  • develop new methods for diagnosing and personalising treatments for cancer.

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