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Acoustics and Vibrometry

Unit(s) of assessment: General Engineering

School: School of Science and Technology


The acoustics and vibrometry group studies a wide range of sound and vibration phenomena of importance in a variety of industrial applications. Major studies include the development of new simulation methods for predicting the noise and vibration of vehicles at mid-to-high frequencies, and the design of novel remote diagnosis tools for monitoring the health of bee colonies. Other areas of interest within the group include techniques for noise reduction in MRI, near-field acoustic holography simulation methods and the control and resonant oscillation of micro-fluids under the influence of an applied electric field. Our interdisciplinary research takes place at the interface between applied mathematics, physics and engineering.

Related staff

Academic Staff

Research Fellows

Visiting Fellow

  • Dr Niels Sondergaard

PhD students

  • Nadia Abusag - Acoustics, Modelling and Simulation
  • Michael-Thomas Ramsey