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Youth Research Group

Unit(s) of assessment: Social Work and Social Policy

Research theme: Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

School: School of Social Sciences


The Youth Research group aims to offer an alternative voice for young people, a youth perspective through research. Making connections with professional bodies and working alongside NTU’s Youth Professional Practitioner Network, this group generates close-to-practice research. Generating opportunities for inter-disciplinary and cross-departmental collaboration, colleagues engage in dialogue and exchange around the position of youth in society. Thus enhancing research-informed teaching at NTU. The group aims to consolidate and showcase youth-focused research from the School of Social Sciences and wider across NTU, as well as supporting doctoral candidates with opportunities to share and develop their research.


NTU’s Professional Practitioner Network


Publications, PhD projects and research projects

The publications of Youth Research group members range from girl skateboarders to youth arts, from non-binary young people to mobile phone usage. Research projects include Youth Voice within Nottingham City’s carbon neutral plan and the RIP: Stars – a group of disabled young researchers. Doctoral supervision is undertaken by many of the group members and current PhD project include black young people’s romantic relationships, school exclusion and intersectionality and inclusion in youth work.


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Research projects

Professor Geraldine Brady: RIP: Stars – disabled young researchers group. Funded by Big Lottery/DRILL, the young researchers developed a framework for practice based on their findings to ensure that quality and rights underpin the development and review of EHCP’s. The RIP: Stars were also called to give evidence to Parliament during the Government’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Inquiry.

Professor Matt Henn: Citizens, environmental sustainability and local democracy: Putting people’s voices at the centre of Nottingham’s Carbon Neutral 2028 Action Plan.

Professor Matt Henn: Young people and citizenship education: The Impact of studying for the GCSE Citizenship Studies on young people’s democratic engagement and participation.

Dr Frances Howard: Youth Arts International research exchange with Aalborg University, Denmark.

PhD projects

Charlie Porter-Baker: How do intersecting identities hinder and facilitate inclusion in youth work?

Rebecca Ciarla: Community Cohesion and Wellbeing: Evaluation of an Activity Village.

Stephanie King: An exploration of school exclusion.

Paulette Sawyers: Exploring black young people’s romantic relationships through their use of contemporary slang.