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Centre for Policy, Citizenship and Society

Unit(s) of assessment: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience; Social Work and Social Policy; Politics and International Studies

Research theme: Health and Wellbeing

School: School of Social Sciences


The Centre for Policy, Citizenship and Society (CPCS) conducts research that seeks to understand the ways in which society operates, especially in relation to policy, theory and practice in social contexts.

These issues are explored through sociological, socio-political, cultural, economic and organisational lenses, and are underpinned by theoretical and applied research that seeks to understand and inform social and public policy.

Research in the Centre spans a range of themes, including exploring issues of identity (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, age, social class) and identity construction, youth research, citizenship, security, the workplace, social exclusion as well as research examining the interplay between policy and the changing nature of societies. Much of this work takes a critical lens, with researchers in the centre also actively researching decoloniality.

Research in CPCS is highly interdisciplinary, involving researchers from areas from across social science including social work, sociology, politics, international relations, psychology, education, as well as further afield.


The following research groups are part of this research centre:

  • Severe and Multiple Exclusion
  • Youth Research Group
  • Gender Research Group
  • Work Futures
  • International Security and Sustainability
  • Citizenship, Democracy and Transformation
  • Identity, Territory and Social Justice
  • Decolonial Research Collaborative

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