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Centre for Policy, Citizenship and Society

Unit(s) of assessment: Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience; Social Work and Social Policy; Politics and International Studies

Research theme: Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

School: School of Social Sciences


The Centre for Policy, Citizenship and Society (CPCS) conducts research that seeks to understand the ways in which society operates, especially in relation to policy, theory and practice in social contexts. These issues are explored through sociological, socio-political, cultural, economic and organisational lenses. They are underpinned by theoretical and applied research that seeks to understand and inform social and public policy.

Research in the Centre spans a range of themes, including exploring issues of identity (e.g. gender, race/ethnicity, age, social class), identity construction, youth research, citizenship, security, the workplace, social exclusion, as well as research examining the interplay between policy and the changing nature of societies. Much of this work takes a critical lens, with researchers in the Centre also actively researching decoloniality. The CPCS is highly interdisciplinary, involving researchers from areas including social work, sociology, politics, international relations, psychology, education, and other fields.  

Our primary purpose is to facilitate and support knowledge production and dissemination and have a positive impact on communities at the local, national and international levels by informing policy, practice and knowledge exchange. We work with partners in the public, private and third sectors to achieve these goals. The CPCS also directly supports colleagues submitting to the C20 (Social Work and Social Policy) Unit of Assessment to ensure a strong return for Research Excellence Framework purposes.

The CPCS has an interdisciplinary and broad research agenda that focuses on the following:

  • Exploring the relationship between various forms of insecurity (both in practice and theory). This includes the manifestation of these insecurities, the causes of conflict between individuals and groups seeking to promote their own security, the impact of these forces on contemporary politics, and local and international relations.
  • The promotion of social and democratic inclusion and transformation at global, national and local levels through the critical examination of the myriad ways gender matters in shaping people’s identities, experiences and opportunities.
  • Critically examining the changing nature and sustainable futures of democracies by considering the changing relationship between citizens and democratic processes, the restructuring of politics and democratic institutions, and emerging issues in democratic representation and political participation.
  • Embedding an ethos of social justice and aspiring for socio-political transformation in social science research. This is done by studying inequality, social movements, critical pedagogy, service-learning practices, university-community engagement, public sociology, and theories of transformation.
  • Investigating complex and diverse communities, the sense of community in a range of locales (physical and virtual), and issues of territory, space and place. This includes exploring urban sociology, cities and rights, hybrid space and community well-being, rural communities, social sustainability, and social exclusion.
  • Combatting the coloniality of knowledge that comes from the exclusion of colonial inquiry in Westernised universities.
  • Examining ways to improve the health and well-being, working lives, and productivity of individuals, teams, and organisations in industrial and post-industrial economies.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

In the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, 86% of NTU’s research impact was assessed to be either world-leading or internationally excellent. The overall quality of each Unit of Assessment NTU submitted to REF in 2021 also saw an improvement from the previous REF in 2014.

Related projects

  • An international study of people entering the teaching profession, including their perceptions of work/life balance
  • Caring for Capital: Capital Accumulation and the Crisis in the English Care Sector
  • Citizens, environmental sustainability and local democracy: Putting people’s voices at the centre of Nottingham’s Carbon Neutral 2028 Action Plan
  • Climate Change Discourse and Policy in Central Asia
  • Comparing EU and US Approaches to Police Reform in Ukraine: Complementary Local Ownership?
  • Covid-19 and the collective securitisation of Schengen: An analysis of EU, national and societal level responses to border control
  • Decent Work and the Platform Economy: Private Hire and Hackney Drivers in Nottingham
  • Energy Security and Nuclear Technology Proliferation in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Evaluation of Citizens at the Heart: A Citizen Centred Approach to Tackling Hate Crime
  • Evaluation of Hope Project legal service
  • Exploring the existential and social dimensions of precarious work: a qualitative study of temporary agency work in the UK
  • From Care to Security: Pandemic self-help and the limits of empowerment
  • Gender and personal naming practices
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Peacebuilding
  • Gendered approaches to peer support for women who self-harm in custody
  • Imagined Conflicts: The role of education in conflict resolution in the Caucasus.
  • Jordan’s climate change policy: understanding local vulnerabilities and political restrictions
  • LGBTQi+ parented families and schools
  • Making Votes-at-16 work in Wales
  • Masculinities and men’s health
  • Mediation in the foreign policy arsenal of a small state: the Qatar case study, 1995-2021
  • Members of the Gender Research Group have carried out a range of projects including:
  • Parents’ return to work
  • Physical activity, mental health and transgender people
  • Positions of risk at work
  • Reflective practice via the lens of life career and paradox: a contemplation of being and becoming a social worker
  • The Cinema of Precarity
  • The Limits of Selective Reformism: Economic neoliberalism and public dissent in Jordan
  • Understanding Climate Change Narratives in Central Asia: Science, politics and media discussions.
  • What are the main concerns of both the supporters and the leaders of The For Britain Movement, the DFLA and PEGIDA UK?
  • Widening participation graduates' experiences of career within a precarious labour market
  • Women, Peace and Security in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Working conditions and worker agency in e-commerce warehouses
  • Working while studying
  • Young disabled LGBT people: exploring the rights and needs of a marginalised community

Research Publications

Below you will find a small indicative selection of the Centre's research publications. Full details of all CPCS members' publications can be found on the Institutional Repository of Nottingham Trent University.


Dr Imad El-Anis (Director)
Dr Frances Howard (Deputy Director and Leader of the Youth Research Group)
Professor Pam Alldred (C20 REF UoA Co-coordinator)
Professor Geraldine Brady (C20 REF UoA Co-coordinator; and Leader of the Severe and Multiple Exclusion research group)
Professor Carrie Paechter
Professor Rowena Hill
Professor Matt Henn
Dr Jane Pilcher (Associate Professor of Sociology and leader of the Gender Research Group)
Dr Marianna Poberezhskaya (Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations)
Dr Tom Vickers (Associate Professor and leader of the Work Futures Research Group)
Dr Michael O’Neill (Associate Professor of Politics)
Dr Irene Zempi (Associate Professor of Criminology)
Dr Antonio Cerella (leader of the International Security and Sustainability Research Group)
Dr Ana Nunes (co-leader of the Citizenship, Democracy and Transformation Research Group)
Dr Nathan Jones (co-leader of the Citizenship, Democracy and Transformation Research Group)
Dr Michele Grigolo (co-leader of the Identity, Territory and Social Justice Research Group)
Dr Jenni Cauvain (co-leader of the Identity, Territory and Social Justice Research Group)
Dr Deanne Bell (leader of the Decolonial Research Collaborative)
Dr Jessica Dunn (leader of the Work, Wellbeing and Performance Research Group)

NameJob TitleSchool
Abdullahi, AbubakarPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Abell, LorenSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Acha, ErnestCasual Research FellowDoctoral School
Ackrill, RobertProfessorBusiness School
Aiken, VeritySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Alberro, HeatherLecturerArts and Humanities
AlHashmi, ReemPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Ali, NoorPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Alldred, PamProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Al-Hamawi, HalaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Al-Otaibi, AliPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Al-Thani, NawafPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Ambe Tanifum, WaltersPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Apuri, ErkenwaldPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Arici, ElaineSenior LecturerBusiness School
Arya, DenaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Ashe, TeresaOnline TutorSchool of Social Sciences
Axler, MarkPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Baldwin, MolliePostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Barker, Lilly Postgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Barnard, AdamSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Barr, MattSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Bartoli, AngiePrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Bashford-Squires, Sally Postgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Bassford, AlisonPartnership Support AdministratorSchool of Social Sciences
Batista Junior, DelsoPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Bell, DeanneSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Bellamy, Christopher James Postgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Beremako, AkaomachiPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Bermingham, PaulLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Bowpitt, GrahamAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Brady, GeraldineProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Broadberry, SarahPrincipal LecturerAnimal, Rural and Env. Science
Brown, MichaelResearch AssociateSchool of Social Sciences
Brown, SheridanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Buescher, TimothySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Burton, SarahPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Bychkova, AlinaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Calabria, VeruscaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Cauvain, JenniSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Cauvain, SimonHead of Dept. School of Social Sciences
Caygill, TomLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Cerella, AntonioSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Chester, JayPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Ciarla, RebeccaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Clapham, AndrewAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Cohen, ClaireSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Cointot, ChantalSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Corah, IndiaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Crewe, HelenHourly Paid LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Dahill, DavidResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Daly, RosieHourly Paid LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Davies, KyeshaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Davies-Bright, AudenSenior LecturerLaw School
Davis, Stephanie Senior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Deakin-Smith, HannahResearch AssistantSchool of Social Sciences
Du, VivienneAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Dunn, JessicaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Dutt, SagarikaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Edwards, TimSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Eckersley, PeterSenior Research FellowBusiness School
Elena, Fatima GarciaAlumniAlumni
Elhinnawy, HindSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
El-Anis, ImadAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Emmens, HedleyCollaborations Senior Standards and Quality OfficerCADQ
Fadahunsi, AdenikePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Farooq, NafeeshPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Farrands, ChristopherHourly Paid LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Fitzmaurice, PhillippaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Flaherty, JanResearch AssistantSchool of Social Sciences
Foard, Nick Principal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Forbes, DebiPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Foster, BaileyResearch AssistantSchool of Social Sciences
Francis, ShanteySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Fuggle, SophieAssociate Professor Arts and Humanities
Gann, RoseAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Genovesi, MarcoLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Gibson, LindaProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Gillam, CatherineWork-like Experience Projects OfficerEmployability Team
Gee, RickySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Glen, CameronPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Gokah, AmenPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Gorry, JonathanHead of Dept. School of Social Sciences
Gough, DanielSenior LecturerLaw School
Grewcock, DuncanPrincipal LecturerArts and Humanities
Griffin, EdwardSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Griffiths, LouiseSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Grigolo, Michele Senior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Han, SaraSenior LecturerBusiness School
Hanley, ChristopherHourly Paid LecturerSchool of Architecture Design and the Built Environment
Harding, RachelResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Hardy, BeccaSenior LecturerBusiness School
Harper, BryonyLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Harper, CraigAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Harris, MarkSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Harris, OctaviaSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Harrison, Oliver Senior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hashem, RumanaLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hawley, RobLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hayes, NiallProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Heasman, BryonyPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Heathcote, GemmaLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Henderson, PamelaSenior LecturerLaw School
Henn, MattProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Hess, CarolinResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Heym, NadjaAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Hilder, SarahSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hill, RowenaProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Hindley, DavidPrincipal LecturerSchool of Science and Technology
Honey, AlexandraPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Hopkins 2, KristanPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Hopkins, KristanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hossain, MazedaProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Housley, MarkPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Howard, FrancesSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hudson, JohnSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Hunter, ColdenPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Hutchings, SharonSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Jacobs, AnSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Joharchi, SahraPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Jones, BethSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Jones, IanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Jones, NathanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kabata, MonikaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Karanika-Murray, MariaAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Keenan, MichaelSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kellezi, BlerinaAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Kemp, ElizabethResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Kemp, LindaResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Kennedy, MoragSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Khalil, YesmeanResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
King, StephaniePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Kirby, SethLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kitsonboyce, RosieSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kosogorin, AlexSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Krulisova, KaterinaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kushnir, IrynaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Kwok, KaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Lawley, ScottAssociate Professor Business School
Lawrence, RebeccaResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Lawther, SarahResearch SpecialistSchool of Social Sciences
Lee, NikkiSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Lewis, BriannaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Lloyd, AdeleSenior LecturerAnimal, Rural and Env. Science
Lopresti, Sally Senior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Love, Kevin Deputy DeanSchool of Social Sciences
Lown, KeithHead of Dept. Architecture Design and the Built Environment
Lumb, ClairePostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Lushey, ClarePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Lyons-Lewis, AndreaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Machin, RichardSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Mackay, JenniferPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Mahoney, IanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Mahtab, NehalPrincipal LecturerBusiness School
Malik, MohammedLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Malpas, LauraSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Mamphey, SamSenior LecturerArchitecture Design and the Built Environment
Mann, DavidSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Mansell, JonSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Markham, ClaireSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Marriott, MikePrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Masters, LesleySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Matthews, ChristopherSenior LecturerSports Science
Matthews, DaisyPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Mckay, FranAcademic Quality ManagerCADQ
Mclocklin, GeorginaAcademic AssociateSchool of Social Sciences
Meadows, LindaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Mokhefi-Ashton, MatthewPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Mushawa, FungisaiPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Mutale, GabriellaResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Nachmias, StefanosPrincipal LecturerBusiness School
Nathrath, JanPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Nchafack, Almighty NkengatehPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Newman, KristinaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Newton, Andy Associate Professor School of Social Sciences
Nunes, AnaLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Ocran, BenedictPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
O'Halloran-Bermingham, PaulLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Okoli, EmekaAcademic AssociateSchool of Social Sciences
Oldridge, LouiseSenior LecturerBusiness School
O'Neill, MichaelAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Osei-Gyasi, AkosuaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Ozveri, BanuPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Pacey, LauraPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Paechter, CarrieProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Palmer, VickySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Palomeque Recio, RocioPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Park, Miriam Sang-AhPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Parkes, YvonneSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Parsonage, HeatherResearch Support LibrarianLibraries and Learning Resources
Pavlina, NikitaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Penford, DeanSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Pennacchia, JodieSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Petschick, StefanieSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Pfende, FaraiSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Phillips, RachelLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Pickford, RichardManagerSchool of Social Sciences
Pike, JamesPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Pilcher, JaneAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Pocock, MollyPostgraduate ResearcherSports Science
Poberezhskaya, MariannaAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Porter-Baker, CharlieLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Poxon, AlisonPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Prikrylova, EvaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Puntha, HelenSustainability Education LeadDirectorate
Read, NatalieLecturerBusiness School
Recchia, NatashaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Reed, HelenEmployability ManagerSchool of Social Sciences
Rees, MichaelSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Reeves, RebeccaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Revill, HannahPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Reynolds, JoLecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Reynolds, LeeLearner Support CoordinatorCADQ
Ridgway, MarandaSenior LecturerBusiness School
Roesch, ChloePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Rousaki, AnastasiaPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Rumbold, JohnLecturerLaw School
Rutter, AnneliesePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Rzepka, MateuszPostgraduate ResearcherSports Science
Sanders, JennySenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Sawyers, PaulettePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Scott-Arthur, TomSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Seymour-smith, SarahAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Shah, IramSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Shala, ArdianaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Shepherd, JamesAcademic AssociateSports Science
Sibley, AlicePostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Siebert, PenelopeSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Silvestri, FrancescaOnline TutorSchool of Social Sciences
Simon, EszterSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Simpson, Jennifer Senior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Smith, EmmaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Smith, JessicaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Steel, RichardSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Stevenson, JasminPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Stevenson, NikkiPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Stewart, StaceyPostgraduate ResearcherSchool of Social Sciences
Stoodley, LyndseyResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Swenson, RebeccaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Thiam, BenetaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Thiara, NicoleSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Toft, AlexResearch FellowSchool of Social Sciences
Tyler-Merrick, GayeSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Varley, MattPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Vickers, TomAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences
Villacis, Paula Bernarda GranjaPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Welaratne, MelanieEducational DeveloperCADQ
Werner-de-Sondberg, ChristopherHourly Paid LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Wilkey, BethImpact Development OfficerSchool of Social Sciences
Williams, GlennPrincipal LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Wilson, IainSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Wilson, MatthewPostgraduate ResearcherDoctoral School
Wittel, AndreasSenior LecturerArts and Humanities
Wood, PhilipProfessorSchool of Social Sciences
Wren, DianeResearch and Partnership Development OfficerResearch Operations
Zemandl, EvaSenior LecturerSchool of Social Sciences
Zempi, IreneAssociate Professor School of Social Sciences