Research that shapes lives and society is central to our mission and the achievement of our aims. We value what research is and what it does, and we aim to support those who undertake it.

Our strategic aims

Our aim is to achieve sustainable growth in the quality, volume and applicability of our research.

We are focusing on:

  • providing further support for our internationally competitive research activities
  • developing a number of key research programmes which are aligned to real-world needs and challenges and which harness multidisciplinary expertise across NTU
  • active partnership development with a range of centres of academic, business, professional and civic excellence
  • maximising the external impact of our research through dissemination, collaboration and partnership
  • developing our research effort to optimise performance, both within and outside the remit of continuing external review of research excellence
  • continuing to develop a large and diverse postgraduate community through the NTU Doctoral School
  • equipping our entire range of researchers with appropriate professional skills
  • maximising the impact of research on our mission, reputation and teaching and learning strategy.

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