Health and wellbeing

Welcome to the website for health and wellbeing research at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Health and wellbeing research is of major importance at NTU and our staff at the University conduct cutting-edge research across a wide range of health and wellbeing issues.

These include a range of disease conditions – for example dementia, liver disease, kidney disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer – as well as cognate topics such as mental health, neuroscience, medical devices, assistive technologies, cognitive systems and the ageing society.

Our health and wellbeing research brings together academics, clinicians, surgeons, healthcare companies and other medical professionals whose interests focus on health and wellbeing across a wide range of research specialisms. We organise our health and wellbeing research into a number of topics, as summarised below.

The Ageing Society

Focusing on research into immunosenescence, neurodegeneration and other conditions that increase with age, it also includes research into falls and other mobility issues in older adults.

Assistive Technologies

Harnessing appropriate technological aids to assist the disabled and ageing population and to promote inclusion, examples of this topic's research output include assistive robotics for the home and hospital, robot ecologies for care home patient monitoring, the development of serious games to promote social inclusion and health awareness, ambient intelligence for independent living, and computer-based technologies used in stroke rehabilitation.

Biomedical Engineering

Developing a wide range of medical devices, from prostheses through to medical imaging, this topic also includes the manufacture of smart textiles exploiting advanced electronic devices for vital signs monitoring, and pharmaceutical developments.

Bioscience Studies in Health and Disease

Research into various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, liver disease and kidney fibrosis, as well as work looking at mutagenesis and pathogens.

Health and Social Care

Addressing research that seeks to improve or evaluate existing health and social care services as well as work that investigates the financial and legal issues that relate to health.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Relating to psychopathology, behavioural addictions and the wellbeing of various specific populations such as young people, offenders and the workforce, this topic also includes research into the underlying neuroscience and disease mechanisms underpinning mental health conditions, as well as computational neuroscience modelling of neuromodulation and the low level spiking neuron activity impacting on externally observable behaviours.

Materials for Health and Welbeing

Focusing on the development of biocompatible materials, materials for smart sensors, and nanoprocessing technology for medical devices, this theme complements the work of the NTU strategic theme of materials.

Physical Activity and Diet

Looking into food fortification, supplementation and the effects of physical activity and diet in relation to various health and wellbeing contexts (e.g.,diabetes, weight management).

Health and wellbeing

Published on 6 February 2017

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