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Product Design facilities

Our students work with a range of industry-standard facilities across our Product Design courses. From the studios to the workshops to the study centre, there is space and resource for everyone to work, learn and develop designs and projects.

Watch as Head of Product Design, James Dale, takes you through our studios, workshops and the key facilities you’ll use on our undergraduate Product Design courses.
Student in Product Design studio on the City Campus
Product Design studio space

Arkwright studio space

Our Arkwright studio space is where you'll spend a lot of your time as an undergraduate Product Design student, taking part in seminars and collaborating on project work with your classmates. In addition to computers with the relevant software you need, the studio has large desk spaces throughout meaning plenty of space to work with.

MA MSc Design tutorial session
Arkwright postgraduate studio space

Postgraduate studio space

As a postgraduate student you'll study in a dedicated studio space shared by both of our courses with table space and computers with all the latest software you'll need. This space is shared by both MA Design: Products and Furniture and MSc Design: Products and Technology students.

Students working on computers in the study centre, Maudslay building
Maudslay study centre

Study centre

Based in the Maudslay building, this is the perfect space for private study and is equipped with computers, large format plotters and desk space, together with the latest, and archived, journals and publications.

Maudslay IT suite

IT and CAD suites

In addition to the study centre we have IT and CAD suites. Our CAD tuition will take you from the basics to advanced level. You'll work with a range of programmes, including Solidworks which enables you to model designs in 3D space and output them through animations, rapid prototyping or through our manufacturing machine workshops.

MAU woodwork workshop
Students in our wood workshop

Prototyping workshop

Our prototyping workshops are the perfect place to test and develop your designs and products. You'll find student product designers, furniture designers and architectural designers in this space.

This space is well equipped with bench spaces and a range of equipment including hand tools, CNC manufacture, pillar drills, sanding machines and CNC lathes. You'll be fully trained on the machinery and well supported by our expert technical and academic teams.

Maudslay metal workshop
Students in our metal workshop

Metal workshop space

You'll be well trained and trained to operate the machinery in this fully-equipped workshop. The space is equipped with metal bending equipment, CNC lathes, 4 axis millers, plasma cutters, laser cutters, water jet cutters and unique welding machinery.

Maudslay technology control prototyping laboratory
MA / MSc Design students during a workshop session

Technology / control prototyping studio

You'll work in our modern well-equipped technology studio used for class practical sessions in electronics, robotics, control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics.

3D printer
3D prints made in our machines

3D printers

You'll be able to produce models on CAD stations and send it directly to our 3D printers for them to be manufactured, from test designs to full scale prototypes. Our expert technical team will provide training and advice on how to full utilise these fantastic pieces of equipment.

Architecture students working in the model making workshop in the Maudslay building on the City Campus
Students developing their models

Model making studio

You'll be able to develop your projects in this well-equipped space, facilitated with expert supervision from our workshop technicians. In here you'll find bansaws, sanders, 2D and 3D hot-wire cutting and vacuum forming machinery, milling machines, lathes and drills.

MAU CNC lathe
Our CNC lathe in the Maudslay workshops

CNC lathe

You'll be taught to use this machine for cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, and deformation of metal based materials. You can use this equipment for metalworking, woodturning, metal spinning and thermal spraying.

CNC 4 axis milling machine
Our milling machine in action

CNC 4 axis milling machine

Using a milling machine is one of the most commonly used processes in industry for machining parts to specific sizes and shapes. You'll use our HAAS machine develop and design your projects.

CNC waterjet
The waterjet cutter in action

Flow Corporation CNC waterjet

Waterjet cutting is one of the fastest growing major machine tool processes in the world and this £100,000 piece of equipment is able to cut almost any material to a depth of 150mm. You'll be taught to operate this machine and supervised by expert technicians.

Laser cutting machines

You'll be able to work with our large and small format laser cutting machines to progress your designs in a range of materials.

Dark room

This space in our Maudslay workshops is the perfect place for professional standard photography of design projects.

Workshop store

You'll have access to this workshop in your tutorials and for group and individual project work. The space is well-equipped with machinery and used by all students in the School.

Concrete laboratory

Learn the importance of concrete testing in our dedicated workshop which includes concrete batching and strength testing facilities for cubes, prisms and beams.

CNC 4 axis router

Take the opportunity to develop your projects on this computer operated machinery, ideal for small model making in wood, plastic, Styrofoam and more.

Spray booth

Colour your designs in our spray booth, based in the Maudslay workshops. It's a ventilated room used for the spray painting of fabricated items and project work, with a waterfall backdrop to trap overspray.

Hydraulics laboratory

This workshop is equipped with a range of modern desktop hydraulics rigs, open channel flumes and pump testing rigs, in tutorials and for individual and group project work.

Plasma cutter

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through materials through accelerated bursts of hot plasma. You can use our high quality machine, which is able to cut metal from 0.5mm – 15mm.

Computer-based software

You'll have access to a range of software to aid your project developments:

- Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS5 (including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamworks, Acrobat Pro);

- Autodesk Productivity Suite (including AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max Design with VRay);

- Cinema 4D Artlantis, Rhino, Solidworks, Primavera, Vectorworks and Hevacomp; and

- Microsoft Office

Product Design facilities

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