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Lewis Aaron


United Kingdom
Learning from very knowledgeable course tutors has provided an enjoyable and engaging experience.

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“After attending an open day back in 2017, I knew that studying BSc (Hons) Ecology & Conservation on Brackenhurst campus here at NTU was a perfect match. From the natural setting of the campus to the plethora of aesthetically pleasing ‘green’ facilities on-site, the campus synergises perfectly with the courses it boasts. After the open day NTU became my first choice!”

“The BSc (Hons) Ecology & Conservation course provides a thorough learning package. The modules within the course are accurately targeted to provide a rich and diverse foundation of knowledge that will help to serve you beyond university, within the ecological and conservation sector. The location of Brackenhurst campus makes the natural world very accessible and allows for the utilisation of course related activities, which provides an engaging and interactive learning experience that supports lecture material.”

“My third year consisted of a placement year where I spent time both in the UK and on the island of Samos in Greece. My first placement was spent working for the Wildlife Trust in Northamptonshire. Here I shadowed the reserves warden and engaged in plenty of habitat management alongside other volunteers. Whilst working for the Wildlife Trust I also had the opportunity to carry out various surveys and even produce a research project of my own design, which is still used today as a data source by the reserves staff.  The second segment of my placement year was spent working for Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. Here I was a member of the terrestrial team and led the bird surveys and research on the island of Samos. This work included the continuation of their Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) behavioural and population monitoring projects. I also created a weekly bird survey that aimed to monitor the abundance and diversity of bird species in the local area. Overall, I found the placement year experience invaluable, as not only did it make me a more independent and well-rounded individual but provided experiences I will never forget.”

“The course tutors and staff in general at Brackenhurst are very warm, welcoming, and helpful. All members of staff are easily contactable and will accommodate your requests, queries or worries to the best of their ability. There is also plenty of supplementary educational resources for a range of topics provided by staff members, should you need them.”

“From the course structure to the helpful staff, studying at Brackenhurst is an experience I would whole heartedly recommend for any student wanting to further their knowledge in ecological and environmental studies.”

“My main ambition for the future is to be within a role where I can apply myself and make the most difference for the natural world. In the immediate future I may look to study an MSc in an ecological subject or further delve into my passion of Ornithology and the conservation of birds.”

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