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Oliver Wilson


United Kingdom
It’s an amazing course where you can really get a taste for agriculture.

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I am doing the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture course. I chose this course because it was a very practical hands-on course. I wanted to learn about agriculture and get a taste for the industry.

There are lectures and practical sessions with crops and animals, and quite a few industry visits. I have enjoyed the practical elements of the course as I learn better this way. The best practicals were working with the college cattle and sheep, doing things like worming and vaccinating the cattle, and shearing and lambing with the sheep.

The tutors are really helpful and support you in lectures and in practicals. They all have passion for agriculture and know what they are talking about. I have also had support from the employability team. They helped me to write my personal statement ready to apply for university.

It’s a nice friendly atmosphere where everyone gets along and it didn’t take long at all to settle in. I go along to the Brack Young Farmers Club meeting where you can meet students from other courses.

I would like to go on to university after this course, then do a bit of travelling, then go into the industry, and eventually have my own business in agriculture.

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