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Zara Butler


United Kingdom
Our course tutors and lecturers are very passionate about their subject which is really motivating and engaging.

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“Once I had been to an open day at Brackenhurst in 2017, I just knew it was the university for me. The facilities are great and the overall welcoming atmosphere made me feel that I could be a part of NTU. The lecturers are really passionate about their teaching subject so it was really motivating.”

“I’m studying BSc Ecology and Conservation and I’ve enjoyed every module. The course covers vast content and provides you with great knowledge. I have particularly liked the Ecology based modules such as principles of Ecology and Ecosystem Ecology and the UK field study module. I have also really enjoyed the practical’s and trips on this course. Being able to learn practically is really helpful and enjoyable.”

“I have been on many trips during my course, my favourites were going to Somiedo in Spain in second year and going to Dale in Wales in my final year. There have been lots of smaller trips during the course which I have also enjoyed for example Stonehenge, Syngenta and High Ropes.”

“I did a placement year, where I was working voluntary at the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital and with the Leicester City Council Environmental volunteers. With the Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital I worked with many different species. I was involved in the care and rehabilitation of ill, injured and orphaned wildlife. I was also able to be involved in their releases. While with the Leicester City Council, I worked with a group of adults and a Leicester City Council ranger and completed habitat management around the city. This involved creating habitat for different species, removing invasive species and maintaining trees and shrubs. My placements has helped me gain knowledge of different species and become confident when completing habitat management.”

“I really like Brackenhurst campus and the facilities, it’s a great environment to be in and to study in. The acres of land are great for walks, practical sessions and inhabits lots of wildlife. Its amazing to be around a lovely environment.”

“Our course tutors are lovely and welcoming. All our course tutors and lecturers are very passionate about their subject which is really motivating and engaging.”

“During my time at NTU I have learnt how to become more independent adult and be confident in my decisions. I have also gained confidence in my communication and working as a team.”

“My ambitions for the future are to be in job role within the environmental sector where I am making a difference to the local environment and wildlife.”

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