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Deenesh Gungaphul, BArch Architecture


United Kingdom
I've thoroughly enjoyed the Studio module since day one. It allowed me to express my creativity with no boundaries, as there were no right or wrongs. It gave me a true taste of what working in architecture is like.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?

I chose NTU primarily because of the academic and social opportunities. With the campus being in the heart of Nottingham everything was close by making it a social place to live.

Being based at the City Campus, I can easily communicate with not only those on my course but others in similar courses. The school of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment is like a community. Also, the NTU societies which were advertised and the large range of activities that were available pushed me to choose NTU.

Have you been involved in any live projects or exciting briefs?

In my first year of Architecture I worked on my first live project in collaboration with Nottingham City Council for Nottingham Castle. In groups, we had to devise a shelter using timber, which would become the meet and greet area for castle visitors. The winner of this project chosen by the public would then have their design built.

Have you been involved in any industry competitions as part of your course?

As a student mentor for first year students during the welcoming week, we proposed a Design Charrette competition where I, along with my mentees designed an intervention for the Arkwright Quad. Our group created the winning design chosen by the students and staff. We won a trip to go to an architectural practice for a day, to experience what it was like working in the industry.

Have you had any speakers or lecturers from industry visiting as part of your course?

The Architecture Society has Trent Talk days, where alumni and others in practice come in to tell their story about their work. These were all useful, as it gave me an idea of the possibilities that are available after university. Sometimes students might take a completely different route other than architecture.

Have you been on any trips with your course?

For the Context module in year one, we travelled as a group to Oxford. This trip useful as I learnt new things in the field of architecture, especially the historical side. Visiting Oxford University and seeing the architecture engaged me into a module that I did not enjoy as much to begin with.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking about studying your course?

Studying architecture requires passion and drive to see the course all the way to the end. This course has taught me so much from not only the field of architecture, but others too. I now possess a wider knowledge, which I can take and use outside the course.

The course also builds on your time management skills. As BArch Architecture is strictly coursework based there are multiple modules coursework running simultaneously, so managing your time is key to ensure you meet deadlines.

Which of your modules do you particularly enjoy and why?

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Studio module since day one. It allowed me to express my creativity with no boundaries, as there were no right or wrongs. It gave me a true taste of what working in architecture is like, from understanding the brief, to conceptual thinking, to plans and so on.

Sum it up for us, what do like most about your course?

The one thing I like most about this course is that fact that when it comes to creativity, there is no right or wrong answer. Architecture is each person's own representation of themselves. The course allows me to express my creativity in so many ways.

I have also not only learnt about architecture studying this course but other topics, such as business, art and philosophy.

What do you think of the facilities available to you at NTU?

The architecture studio is one of the best places to work in for many reasons one. There is always space for anyone to use, the environment is well-lit and helps keep me focused and engaged.

The workshop is also a go-to place for students when it comes to model making. All the technicians are always helpful and there are plenty of machines and equipment available to use.

Tell us a bit about the staff on your course, how do they support your learning and University experience?

The lecturers and tutors are very engaging and will always strive to help if you’re in need. Not only are they available during uni times but also through email too.

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

The campus is in the city and is close to places to eat, shop and so on – making Nottingham great for students.

Do you feel that there is a student community in your School?

To me I feel that ADBE is a small community. I have made friends with others in the department which has allowed me to gain insight on how the other courses work. Since coming to NTU, I feel like I have found my second family.

What do you hope to achieve after completing your degree?

After graduating, I would like to eventually go on to complete the full seven years of studying to become a licensed architect. In between the years after, I aim to do some travelling across the world to not only experience different cultures but use the knowledge I have gained.

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